Create Nested Folders in iOS 7.1 – How to

If you like creating categorizing and having an organized life, you must be a fan of nested folders too. Nested folders also make your home screen look a lot more clean and organized. Here is how you can create nested folders in iOS 7.1 with this little workaround. create nested folders in iOS 7.1

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How to create nested folders in iOS 7.1:

Here is the detailed, step by step guide to create nested folders in iOS 7.1:

  • Choose any two apps on your iOS 7.1 powered device that you wish to put into one folder - you can choose any two regardless of them being native or third party apps.
  • Also, choose the folder that you want to nest a new folder within.
  • With your finger tap, place one of the chosen app's icon over the other's. As you see the folder animation process, grab and hold and the folder that you wish to nest in.
  • When the new folder zooms and get created, you can release the folder you are holding. This will create a nested folder in iOS 7.1.
  • Ta da!
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This is how simple it is to create nested folders in iOS 7.1. Start having fun with this new feature and categorizing your tech existence.

Source: Redmondpie

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