Beautifully Optimized Apps and Icons for OS X Yosemite 10.10 – Images

Only a week ago Apple announced its iOS 7 inspired OS X Yosemite 10.10 at Worldwide Developers Conference. Considering the OS now matches the flat looks of Apple's mobile OS, some app optimization is definitely expected and looked forward to. To make different apps and app icons match the look and feel of OS X Yosemite, developers and Apple will give some overhaul to the design of apps to make them fit the complete look. os x yosemite icons

OS X Yosemite design:

The brand new OS X Yosemite - which is in beta testing mode for now - carries a beautiful, brighter, and flatter style, much like the mobile OS. After the major design change that Apple introduced last year with iOS 7, it was highly expected that the tech giant will incorporate the same design philosophy in its desktop OS to have a uniform overall impression. OS X Yosemite images

Thanks to Zinc, here are some OS X Yosemite images of different apps and icons optimized for the upcoming desktop OS. These optimized images show the design of different apps getting flatter, translucent, and visually matching with OS X look.

For one, we like the clean and sleek look of different apps and icons, but that's just us getting used to our iOS 7. Apple should also be applauded for introducing more brighter, fresher app icons against to the dull, excessive bright, and somewhat unclear designing of icons we had witnessed with iOS 7 last year.

OS X Yosemite images:

Source: Zinc

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