Hidden iOS 7 Features II – Because the Surprises Never End!

Rafia Shaikh

Since iOS 7 was a major OS update to hit the Apple devices, we seem to never get lost of finding new and amazing features. The Apple's OS update brought a completely redesigned experience to the users - though it did have a few UI bits taken from Android - of iPhones, iPads and the iPods. Couple months back, we already did a Top iOS 7 Features You Should Know About post. In this second list of iOS 7 features, we will try adding some new hidden features along with some from iOS 6 who deserve to be back in the limelight because of their awesomeness!

Some of the hidden iOS 7 features:

  • Shake and undo deleted mail: if you have accidentally deleted an email on the default Mail, rather than restoring it from trash, there is an easier solution. Simply shake your device right after deleting the mail to bring it back to your inbox! This is similar to how you can undo text with a shake - it will clear what you have typed in the text box. hidden ios 7 features
  • 2- Use control center: In iOS 7 you can access the control center for many settings like launching flashlight or controlling music app. Just slide up from the bottom on any screen to bring the control center. If you want to disable it, go to settings control center.

  • 3- Hidden iOS 7 features - custom vibrations for contacts: For messages and phone calls, iOS 7 gives you an option to create custom vibrations. This way you will be able to know the caller / texter without even taking the phone. To get the custom vibration for any contact, go to Contacts > Pick a Contact > Edit > Tap on Custom Vibration > Scroll down and follow the on-screen guide to make a vibration alert. 
  • 4- After custom vibrations, come the custom ringers! You can also set a custom ringer to know who is calling or texting without even looking. Open Contacts > tap on Contact Name > Edit > Pick the new ringtone.

  • 5- Siri's new features: You can now select a male or a female voice in iOS 7's Siri. To check what someone you follow on Twitter is saying, press and hold the home button “What is Contact Name saying?”. Note: you must have your Twitter connected and contact names linked to Twitter accounts before saying the name. 
  • 6- Hidden iOS 7 features - Send an iMessage as a text: Sometimes i

    Messages fail to send message. Although, they are great to avoid text bucket overloads and for talking with other iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, failing of a text is frustrating. You can though tweak the settings to make an iMessage sent as a text message. It would be automatic and avoid any unsent iMessages when service / network is down. To set, g

    o to Settings > Messages > Send as SMShidden ios 7 features

  • 7- Night mode in Apple Maps: Now you can make the screen look better while using Apple Maps and make it automatically switch to night mode when the sun sets. It'd change the colors for an easier experience during the night. 
  • 8- Your car reads text messages for you: For those of you who have a car with an in dash entertainment system paired to an iPhone, you can make your phone read the text messages for you. Go to Settings > Bluetooth > the i for your in car system > Show Notifications. In case it doesn't do it, read the details for your specific car system.
  • 9- Quick .com like in iOS 6: 

    We all miss that iOS 6 keyboard with a .com button for entering the end of a web or email address, but the button is missing in iOS 7. Thankfully you can t

    ap and hold on the period to bring up a menu of five domain names - easy!hidden ios 7 features

  • 10- Camera flash as an alert: If you are one those who appreciate to get LED notifications on their devices, you can get your iPhone do this job for you! To get visual alerts on your iOS device, tap on Settings > Accessibility > LED Flash for Alerts to turn this hidden iOS 7 feature on. However, it'd be very bright and you might consider disabling it when sleeping.
  • 11- Drag N drop calendar items: In the built-in calendar app for iOS 7, you can now quickly move appointments with a drag and a drop. Tap and hold on an appointment and drag it up or down to change the time; drag to the edge of the screen to change the date.
  • 12- Hidden iOS 7 features - Safari private browsing, where you be? Safari's p

    rivate browsing in iOS 7 is hidden and not missing! Though tougher to find, you can take a sigh of relief and be sure that it exists in the iOS 7!

    On Safari, tap on the tab or bookmark icon and the Private mode will show up on the lower left. Like before, users can choose to keep all pages that are open or, to close them all. To exit private mode, tap on bookmarks or menu again and then on Private; choose to keep or close windows again.

  • 13- Ask Safari to remember your passwords and credit cards: Safari can simplify online shopping experience for you by remembering your personal information including passwords and credit cards. Once entered, you'll never have to type them in again. This hidden iOS 7 feature can be accessed from Settings > Safari > Passwords & Autofill. From here you can enable individual features and edit the information.
  • 14- Safari Shared Links - never miss a link again: Another features from our hidden iOS 7 features list has to do with faster way of reading links shared on Twitter by the tweeple you follow. To access Shared Links on iOS 7, tap on bookmarks icon on Safari and the afterwards.hidden ios 7 features
  • 15- Split keyboard on iPad: t

    he iPad and iPad Mini still come with an option to get a split keyboard which makes typing easier when you hold the iPad in landscape mode. The split keyboard is especially useful when you are walking and writing on the tablet. Tap and hold the small keyboard icon on the right and choose split. Once there, you can move it to your desired position.top ios 7 features

  • 16- how to share ALL photos of an event at once! Another of the hidden iOS 7 features is the new Photos app. When you want to share an entire event's photos, things have become easier. In the app, tap on Photos > go to Moments > tap on Share button to share your event on PhotoStream, Facebook or Flickr!
  • 17- How you can control Music and Siri with headphones: many of the iOS user do not know that they can control much of their device with headphone controls - the ones that ship with the iPhone (works on iPads too). You can use the volume buttons to take a photo (like the volume button on the side of the phone?), play / pause the music with a tap on center button, and also start Siri when you hold the same button.

These were a few of another lot of amazing hidden iOS 7 features which are not only helpful but make you use your Apple devices more efficiently. Oh, and another trick! To save a few taps every other hour when you type, tap and hold on the comma and slide up to insert an apostrophe! No need to go to that punctuation section.

Do let us know about the tricks, tips and helpful features that you have come across on the iOS 7 and we'd make sure to add them into our lists too!

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