A12Z Bionic Running in 2020 iPad Pro Confirmed to Be Just Another A12X Bionic, But With an Extra GPU Core Enabled

Omar Sohail
A12Z Bionic Running in 2020 iPad Pro Confirmed to Be Just Another A12X Bionic

Apple’s 2020 iPad Pro models feature the company’s A12Z Bionic silicon and the lack of a number change from the A12X Bionic running in the 2018 iPad Pro models gave speculation that perhaps it’s the same chipset. TechInsights, who previously believed that the A12Z Bionic could be a renamed A12X Bionic with an extra GPU core enabled is now confident in its latest report that this is actually the case.

To Recap, Apple’s A12Z Bionic Features a Total 8 GPU Cores

Previous information surrounding the A12Z Bionic was provided in March by TechInsights, detailing that the silicon featured a total of 8 GPU cores, and was simply a re-binned A12X Bionic, which has 7 GPU cores. Thanks to a full report published on its website for those that have a subscription, it’s now confirmed that both chipsets aren’t that different.

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In fact, early benchmarks of the A12Z Bionic were met with disappointment, as Apple’s newest chipset was barely faster than the A12X Bionic, and hence, it gave rise to the aforementioned speculation. Also, iFixit’s teardown revealed that the 12.9-inch 2020 iPad Pro features the same battery as the 2018 model, signaling that there isn’t much difference between the two. Lots of reviews have also stated that if you already own a 2018 iPad Pro, it doesn’t make sense to upgrade unless you have a lot to do with that dual-camera plus LiDAR sensor setup.

If you were disappointed that the 2020 iPad Pro wasn’t able to deliver what you were hoping it would, there’s positive news on the horizon, even though those are just rumors at this point. It’s possible Apple announces a new family of iPad Pro models, one that will not just feature a mini LED display, but provide 5G support, and sport a new A14X Bionic chipset fabricated on TSMC’s 5nm technology.

Whether or not the new slates materialize later this year, we’ll update you guys soon. For now, if you haven’t yet upgraded to a high-performance tablet, perhaps you want to give the new 2020 iPad Pro a chance if you can get out while the lockdown is in effect.

News Source: Twitter (TechInsights)

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