A14X Bionic GPU Performance Leak Shows a 26 Percent Improvement Over A12Z Bionic GPU

Omar Sohail
A14X Bionic GPU Performance Leak Shows a 26 Percent Improvement Over A12Z Bionic GPU

Just before Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ event, we were greeted with some allegedly leaked A14X Bionic performance numbers that absolutely thrashed a 16-inch MacBook Pro with a Core i9 CPU. This has us even more pumped up for the Apple Silicon Macs, with the less powerful 13-inch MacBook Air said to feature an 8-core chip that’s near-identical to the A14X Bionic. Their GPUs may exhibit the same performance level, and according to more leaked scores, the A14X Bionic GPU registers a comfortable lead over the A12Z Bionic.

Even Apple’s A14 Bionic GPU for the iPhone 12 and iPad Air 4 Is Faster Than the A12Z Bionic’s, but Only Just

Previously leaked scores compared the compute results for various models, and this time, we have the graphics score for you, which was spotted by iPhone in Canada. Apparently, The A14X Bionic GPU is 26 percent faster than the A12Z Bionic GPU, whereas the iPhone 12’s A14 Bionic was only 8 percent faster than the latter, according to a previous benchmark. Unfortunately, the number of graphics cores was not mentioned, so we’ll have to wait on that info.

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During Apple’s 2020 WWDC preview, the company showcased a Mac mini with an A12Z Bionic being able to run Final Cut Pro and edit 3 streams of 4K Pro Res video, on a 6K Pro Display XDR. This pretty much means that the A14X Bionic will comfortably be able to handle anything demanding thrown in its path. If we get something similar to this on the new Apple Silicon 13-inch MacBook Air, it could create a ton of sales momentum.

Then again, this might not even be the most powerful custom silicon Apple has in store for us. The rumored 13-inch MacBook Pro getting announced alongside the 13-inch MacBook Air could feature a 12-core A14Z Bionic chipset. Best of all, it could be cheaper than the $1,299 price Apple charges for the Intel-based 13-inch MacBook Pro, and if that’s the case, we expect customers to be all over the new models.

The A14X Bionic is said to debut in the upgraded iPad Pro models, but it’s unlikely we’ll see any model this year. According to a tipster, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro’s mini-LED screen will go into production during Q1, 2021, so a launch can only be expected after the quarter. Still, these scores are impressive, and we can’t wait to see how it performs when the actual products arrive, so stay tuned for those soon.

News Source: iPhone in Canada

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