2020 iPad Pro Comes With Wi-Fi 6 Support, an Addition Missing From the 16-inch MacBook Pro

2020 iPad Pro Comes With Wi-Fi 6 Support, an Addition Missing From the 16-inch MacBook Pro

The 2020 iPad Pro launch came with some numerous upgrades, ranging from the A12Z Bionic SoC to dual-camera with LiDAR support. However, Apple made a subtle change to its new lineup, which you might not have noticed and that’s Wi-Fi 6 support. Both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models feature Wi-Fi 6 support, and it’s quite surprising that the notebooks launched by Apple in a six-month period don’t have support for this standard.

Even Apple’s Newly Launched MacBook Air Doesn’t Have Wi-Fi 6 Support

On Apple’s website, if you navigate to the specifications section of the 2020 iPad Pro, you’ll notice after scrolling down that there’s Wi-Fi 6 support for both models. For those of you wondering, the 2020 MacBook Air surprisingly doesn’t have Wi-Fi 6 support, and neither does the more expensive 16-inch MacBook Pro that was launched in late 2019.

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Seeing as how a lot of high-end Windows 10 notebooks have Wi-Fi 6 adapters, it is rather strange that Apple isn’t incorporating these chips in its MacBook line. Perhaps the company thinks that the 802.11ax wireless standard isn’t as ubiquitous as it should be, so in a few years, we might be able to see Wi-Fi 6 support in future Macs down the road.

We all know that Apple doesn’t adopt technological standards until they become a common occurrence. However, if that’s the case, then why does the 2020 iPad Pro lineup have it? More importantly, why does the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max from last year have Wi-Fi 6 support and the MacBooks don’t? Looks like Apple will have the answer to this question because we definitely don’t.

If you’re planning on getting any 2020 iPad Pro, you’ll definitely enjoy the faster and more responsive wireless performance while streaming, or browsing, so that’s a plus to have.

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