NVIDIA RTXGI Plugin Now Available via the Unreal Engine Marketplace


NVIDIA has recently released its RTXGI Unreal Engine 4 plugin on the UE Marketplace, allowing for much easier integration into game projects.

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Here's the official overview of RTXGI.

NVIDIA RTX Global Illumination is a scalable solution that computes multi-bounce indirect lighting without bake times, light leaks, or expensive per-frame costs. RTXGI is supported on any DXR-enabled GPU and is an ideal starting point to bring the benefits of ray tracing to your existing tools, knowledge, and capabilities.


No UVs. No Light Baking. No Light Leaks.

  • Dramatically speed up iteration time with real-time ray traced lighting. No more obsessing over light probe positioning; no light or shadow leaking

Infinite Bounce Lighting in Real Time

  • RTXGI's probe-based data structure temporally accumulates and filters irradiance and distance information in real time, creating a high quality infinite-bounce cache with visibility information

Content Creation at the Speed of Light

  • Artists get instant results in-editor or in-game. Move an object or a light and global illumination updates in real time

Available for any DXR Capable GPU

  • RTXGI's scalable design gives you the control to decide when and where maximize performance or image quality

RTXGI is already used in several released games, such as Metro Exodus and Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, Cyberpunk 2077, Control, Minecraft RTX, Quake II RTX, Escape from Naraka, LEGO Builder's Journey, The Persistence, Justice, Moonlight Blade, Fortnite, Xuan-Yuan Sword VII, Enlisted, Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach, The Fabled Woods, and other upcoming titles like Dying Light 2, Bright Memory: Infinite, Loopmancer, Faith of Danschant: Hereafter, and Icarus.

Still, NVIDIA's goal is to further increase the adoption of RTXGI even among indie developers. To that end, they've published a plethora of video guides to help with the implementation of the ray-traced global illumination technology. We've embedded them below for anyone interested.

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