Escape from Naraka Out Today, Features RTXGI and NVIDIA DLSS Support (2x Performance at 4K)


Escape from Naraka, not to be confused with NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, is a first-person action platformer made by the very small team at XeloGames located in Indonesia.

It's out today on Steam, priced at €13.49 thanks to the 10% launch discount (though Fanatical is selling it at 20% off, so you might want to purchase it there instead), and it's also the latest PC game to support both ray tracing (including RTX Global Illumination, raytraced shadows, and reflections) and NVIDIA DLSS.

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Speaking to the NVIDIA developer blog, the developers explained their decision to implement RTXGI in Escape from Naraka.

We believe that, sooner or later, everyone will have ray tracing, so it’s really good for us to start earlier, especially in Indonesia.

RTXGI really helps with how quick you can set up a light in a scene. Instead of the old ways where you have to manually adjust every light, you can put in a Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination (DDGI) volume and immediately see a difference. It definitely made scenes look more natural, lights bounce around more naturally instead of just directly.

Yosua Bayu S, Developer at XeloGames, also discussed the importance of NVIDIA DLSS in the game:

Adding NVIDIA DLSS to the game was fast and easy with the UE4 plugin, providing our players maximum performance as they take on all the challenges Escape From Naraka has to offer.

NVIDIA DLSS is indeed critical to play Escape from Naraka at a decent frame rate with 4K resolution and maxed settings. In fact, in that scenario, DLSS provides a 2x performance boost with its Performance Mode.

At lower resolutions such as 1440p and 1080p, the game is easily playable without NVIDIA DLSS, though activating the Deep Learning Super Sampling technology still provides a sizable increase in frame rates.

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Check out the NVIDIA RTX Escape from Naraka trailer below.