Looking to Upgrade to a Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+? Here Are 7 Compelling Features & Perks That Might Encourage You


During MWC 2018, Samsung will improve upon where it left off with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ to bring you their successors, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. Where the company might not have done anything on the design bits, it would equally be focused on improving the overall consumer experience of a mobile computing device. Remember, the design is important, but in my opinion, it certainly does not beat functionality and the stellar experience that the average user needs to see on a daily basis will matter when the sun sets.

Samsung will make sure that the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are oozing with upgrades and features, and the Korean giant will also be throwing in a bit of marketing magic to make sure that your eyes are set on the company’s prize. If you are still confused about upgrading to any one of the upcoming flagships, here are some compelling reasons why you should wait for their arrival in your country.

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1. Improved Audio Experience

The increased screen real estate of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ might be similar to their predecessors, but if you are someone that enjoys media consumption on your smartphone, then there are two things that you will look forward to from these.

Both phones are expected to feature improved stereo speakers and if you are someone that likes to plug in their earphones so that you want to cut themselves from the surrounding noise, then it is expected that AKG will once again be bundling their earphones in the flagships’ packaging. Are they going to be the same pair of audio accessories? Looks like that is something we will be waiting to find out.

2. Enhanced Security and ‘Simple to Reach’ Fingerprint Sensor

A perk of owning the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ was that there were a copious number of security features we could take advantage of but nearly all of them were poor when it came to accuracy, hence compromising the security for the user. With the upcoming devices, we expect Samsung to implement a better security suite. One rumor suggests that the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ will be incorporated with something that is called Intelligent Scan.

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This security feature could combine the prowess of both Face Unlock and the iris scanner to heavily increase the security of both handsets. It is not confirmed if Samsung will be taking advantage of 3D sensing components to improve security, but in just a small number of days, it will not be long before we get to know what is packing underneath these portable marvels.

3. Extended Battery Life Thanks to a Changed Motherboard Design

Lots of you are not going to be bothered with how Samsung provides you with better battery life with the purchase of a Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, just as long as you experience better screen-on time than you did before.

Regardless, it is still important to know how the internals are going to be working in unison. According to rumors, both devices are expected to retain the same battery capacities as their predecessors but will deliver better battery than them. Here’s how this is going to be possible.

Thanks to the improved motherboard design, with a more accurate term called SLP circuit boards, the components soldered on the boards are going to be closely packed, allowing for more technologies to work all their magic on the smartphone. This will also increase the density of the boards, making them efficient to a higher degree.

While we’re hoping to see larger capacities on both flagships, if you’re getting better battery as opposed to their predecessors when they were first introduced, that is also a win in my books.

4. Improved Camera Performance Thanks to Variable Aperture Feature and New Animoji

A big reason for a consumer upgrading to the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ would certainly be its camera. Samsung has come a long, long way when it comes to the optics of its higher-tier models. The shutters are abnormally fast and produce outstanding levels of imagery and you’ll be more than pleased to hear about the same thing when it comes to producing video on these portable shooters.

This time, Samsung plans to introduce something that is called variable aperture on both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. Using hardware and software integration, the aperture of both phones could range from F/1.5 to F/2.4 depending on what you’re trying to capture and a higher aperture value will mean a more shallow depth of field in your images and improved low-light performance thanks to more light entering the lens.

Both flagships are also expected to provide support for 4K video recording at 60 frames per second. For this, the presence of UFS 2.1 storage is really going to come in handy thanks to their improved read and write speeds. If you want to see faster smartphone storage, or UFS 3.0 to be more exact, you will have to wait for the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy X.

Samsung is also going to be taking a tip from Apple’s iPhone X, where the company plans to introduce better Animoji to their users for a more in-depth communication and social experience. This obviously means that both phones will need to secure advanced camera hardware to make this possible and we will be looking forward to seeing them in action once announced.

5. The Headphone Jack Still Lives

It is 2018 and some manufacturers are willing to forego this crucial addition to a smartphone in exchange for better internals. Samsung continues to linger on but for how long? Who knows. Point is that seeing the headphone jack in something as a high-end Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ is going to be a godsend, irrespective if other manufacturers bundle dongles or adapters in the mix.

We’re not sure what sort of DAC is going to be present in both phones, but the existence of a headphone jack will definitely be seen by consumers as a welcome sight since more phone makers are shying away from using this component.

6. More RAM and Dual-Camera Upgrades Added, but Only for the Galaxy S9+

The Galaxy S9+ will offer several reasons to choose it over the Galaxy S9. With both phones sporting the same resolution, but the former packing a larger battery underneath its metal and glass chassis, the smartphone will be able to provide you with more battery life. Not just this, but with additional RAM, users will be able to retain the app’s original state when they are minimized and opened once again.

In addition, the dual-camera upgrade will once again be seen as an exclusive feature to spend more money on, since it will be able to deliver lossless zoom functionality, a feature that is going to be missing from the Galaxy S9 since it will only be sporting a single rear-mounted camera lens.

7. Samsung to Provide Lots of Freebies, Not to Mention Sweetening the Pot With a Hefty Trade-in Value for the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ Purchase

There is no doubt that Samsung becomes thoroughly generous when it starts to sell its upcoming crown jewels. One rumor claims that the company is going to be taking up to $350 worth of trade-ins to sell you the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. This means that according to the device you own, any one of these devices could end up being significantly lighter on your wallet, and that is always a good thing to have than splurging a small fortune on a smartphone.

Samsung might also throw in a free DeX Pad, microSD cards, expensive wireless earphones and other freebies to make sure that you purchase one of the company’s high-end offerings. That is a bold way of selling devices, but in the end, the company will be caring more about sales than anything else in this world.

While unchanged from their previous-generation counterparts from a design state, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are the most heavily anticipated smartphones of the year and to be honest, a design change is not going to be seen as a huge selling-point as much as functionality.

Tune the software and add things which will improve the user experience and voila, you have a successful smartphone recipe. All Samsung needs to do is make sure that these phones work as soon as you remove them from their packaging and remain functioning flawlessly for a significantly long period. What is going to be your reason to pick up the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+? Let us know down in the comments.