Galaxy S9 Intelligent Scan Could Combine Face Unlock and iris Scanner for the Ultimate Touch-Less Security Solution

Galaxy S9 Intelligent Scan

After the abysmal security levels of the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy S9 might finally provide an improved solution, and this includes a comfortable positioning of the fingerprint scanner that is mounted at the back. However, there are some users that enjoy unlocking the smartphone without the use of their fingers and it appears that the company might have found the answer to its user base problems.

Galaxy S9 Intelligent Scan Could Combine the Prowess of Both Face Unlock and Iris Scanner to Deliver a Robust Security Solution

The video given below via XDA Developers may provide a sneak preview of how Samsung’s Intelligent Scan might work on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. The functionality is going to be similar to the facial recognition and the iris scanner system but it looks like this addition is going to be acting in a more accurate and pace-filled capacity.

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Last year’s Galaxy flagship family did tout a plethora of security features, but there were questionable decisions in which Samsung was criticized for filling up the security category while not focusing on the strength of the security itself.

With the Intelligent Scan, it can be believed that the iris scanner is going to be functioning faster than the security feature present in the predecessor, while also being more accurate. Is this going to be thanks to the 3D sensing solution present in the Galaxy S9? It is yet to be confirmed, although there have been numerous rumors claiming that Samsung is going to be taking a feature from the iPhone X’s book.

The fingerprint scanner is going to be retained at the back, though it will be much easier to access, and the camera is also said to get a major upgrade. All in all, we want to see a Galaxy S9 that can deliver a touch-less security solution and we’re hoping the company’s employees have been working tirelessly on improving the security suite of the upcoming flagship.

News Source: XDA Developers

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