Galaxy S9 Rumored to Come With Same Motherboard Design as iPhone X to Allow for More Components and Higher Batteries

Galaxy S9 stacked logic board bigger battery

The Galaxy S8 comes shipped with a 3,000mAh battery, with the Note 8 featuring a 3,300mAh cell. Despite the increased display size, the overall footprint of both phones has been greatly reduced, leading to Samsung making a few compromises on the battery side.

In 2018, the company might not be forced to make such tradeoffs because the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have both been rumored to come with a changed motherboard design. This design will bring several perks to the table, as you will soon find out.

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An early March release date is in line with the same rumor that detailed the announcement date of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. Both flagships have been reported to be showcased during this trade show, with a release date pegged somewhere in March. While a potential release date will be something that all of you are interested in reading about, another thing would be getting to know the sort of internals that will be present in the Galaxy S9.

From the outside, the Galaxy S9 might just appear to be an iterative version of its predecessor, but there is a lot going on the inside of the upcoming flagship. According to the rumor from the Chinese media, both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have been rumored to come with a motherboard design that is going to be identical to the iPhone X.

This will allow the manufacturer to incorporate components tightly together, which in turn is going to give the phone a lot of room for the company to play around with. The Galaxy S9 has already been rumored to get a 3,200mAh battery which is not a whole lot of a difference when comparing the battery in the Galaxy S8, but things might become different thanks to this stacked logic board design.

Therefore, the Galaxy S9 might not be an iterative update to the Galaxy S8 after all. It might just feature upgrades, including a higher battery capacity that will encourage customers to jump in on the purchase.

News Source: ETNews

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