iPhone 14 Lineup to Feature in-screen Touch ID, Smaller Notch Compared to iPhone 13


In a follow-up to the report that talked about increased iPhone 13 production due to strong demand expectations, Apple could bring some design changes and upgrades to the 2022 iPhone 14 lineup, starting with a smaller notch.

Apple Was Previously Reported to Be Testing out Some iPhone 14 Models With Punch-Hole-Style Displays

While Apple’s plans revolve around eliminating the notch, Bloomberg reports that it will not happen with the iPhone 14 launch in 2022. The notch is here to stay, with the only difference being that it will be smaller than the iPhone 13’s notch. A less prominent notch will add more screen real estate to the iPhone, with more vacant space allowing additional notifications to be displayed.

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Apple was also said to be testing in-display Touch ID on the iPhone 13, but it looks like the feature will materialize on the iPhone 14, along with some other changes. Aside from a smaller notch, some iPhone 14 models may also launch in a punch-hole-style display. The only limitation is if Apple intends on retaining Face ID on such handsets, how will it manage to cram all those components in that minuscule circular space?

For 2022, Apple might get rid of a ‘mini’ iPhone and introduce two 6.1-inch and two 6.7-inch devices. While there has been demand for smaller iPhones, it is pale compared to its larger counterparts, suggesting that Apple does not want to waste resources mass producing a product that will not bring in hefty sales. What the company might do is introduce a display upgrade to the less expensive models, such as LTPO OLED for the entire lineup, as that is what an earlier report suggests.

Initial expectations of the iPhone 14 range also include major camera upgrades such as a 48MP main sensor with 8K video support and improved autofocus support for the ultrawide unit. However, any major lens upgrade is rumored to take place in 2023, with Apple possibly introducing a periscope camera for increased zoom. Though all of these changes sound exciting, plans may change without a hint, so let us wait for the iPhone 13 launch to conclude first.

News Source: Bloomberg