Apple Will Not Launch a 5.4-inch iPhone 14 mini Next Year, Likely Due to Poor Sales of Current Model

Apple Will Not Launch a 5.4-inch iPhone 14 mini Next Year, Likely Due to Poor Sales of Current Model

While Apple might have attempted to appeal to customers clamoring for a compact yet powerful iPhone in the form of the iPhone 12 mini, there is just not a market for such a device. The company will not cancel the iPhone 13 mini, but according to a new report, it will not proceed with an iPhone 14 mini launch for 2022 either.

Apple Will Instead Introduce Four Large-Screen iPhones in 2022

Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will not launch an iPhone 14 mini next year and it is obvious why he would think so. The iPhone 12 mini is not exactly hitting home runs globally, with previous statistics showing that the 5.4-inch model was the worst-selling iPhone 12 for January 2021. In terms of sales, the figures are not terrible, with Omdia reporting that the compact handset managed to ship 14.5 million units in 2020.

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However, in the grand scheme of things, it is performing much worse compared to the other iPhone 12 models, and there are even talks that Apple will stop producing it in the second quarter of 2021 due to weak demand. So, what will be the strategy for 2022 now that there will potentially be no iPhone 14 mini? According to Kuo, Apple still has plans to launch four models, but they will be mixed into two low-end and two high-end 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch products.

This is exciting because a less expensive 6.7-inch iPhone means customers will not have to splurge a ton of money and enjoy upgrades like more screen estate and a bigger battery. It is not confirmed if the less premium 2022 iPhones will support 120Hz refresh rate displays, so we will keep our fingers crossed for more updates. Kuo also predicted earlier that Apple could switch to a punch-hole style display for 2022 for some iPhones but has not specifically mentioned which models will see this change.

Do you think Apple would do the right thing if it does not launch an iPhone 14 mini for 2022? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: 9to5Mac

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