All iPhone 14 Models Arriving in 2022 Rumored to Get LTPO OLED 120Hz Screens

Omar Sohail
All iPhone 14 Models Arriving in 2022 Rumored to Get LTPO OLED 120Hz Screens

The last time display analyst Ross Young talked about LTPO OLED panels, he ‘confirmed’ that there would be more than one more iPhone 13 model to feature this upgrade. By extension, the models that do get this display change will also support a 120Hz refresh rate. Now, he is back with another update, this time surrounding the 2022 iPhone 14 series, and there is excellent news for those wanting to own a less expensive version.

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In a Twitter thread, one user sporting the handle @Jamesss09266446 expressed his disappointment by saying that the regular or less pricey iPhone 13 models would get the regular 60Hz panels. In reply to that tweet, Young states that for 2022, Apple is ‘rumored’ to use LTPO OLED panels for all iPhone 14 models. This means that the entire iPhone 14 family arriving next year will be able to switch its refresh rate dynamically, with the 120Hz value being the maximum limit.

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Samsung is expected to start mass production of these LTPO OLED panels from H1, 2021, while LG, another one of Apple’s supply partners, will focus on LTPS display production for the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13. However, a previous report stated that LG would start mass producing LTPO screens from 2022, and these could be for the less expensive iPhone 14 variants. Before you get all excited, Ross Young did not mention next year’s iPhone SE getting an LTPO panel, but he did state the low-cost option would get a 5G upgrade.

In related news, Ming-Chi Kuo believes that some iPhone 14 models will ditch the notch in favor of a punch-hole-style display, though it is not confirmed how Apple will cram all those Face ID components in that tiny bit of space. Apple is also reportedly planning to ax the ‘mini’ version of the iPhone, likely due to poor sales and focus on larger, more affordable versions for 2022 since there is a hefty market for these.

While all iPhone 14 versions rumored to get a high refresh rate display sounds incredibly exciting, Ross Young claims it is only a rumor, implying that he has not heard of any concrete info from his circle of sources. Naturally, we will come across more updates in the future, and we will let our readers know accordingly, so stay tuned.

News Source: Ross Young

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