2022 iPhone Lineup Not Expected to Get Significant Camera Lens Upgrades

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2022 iPhone Lineup Not Expected to Get Significant Camera Lens Upgrades

There are expected to be no changes to the lens type Apple uses in its iPhones, and we might see that consistency when the 2022 iPhone family is unveiled next year. According to a renowned TF International Securities analyst, the seven-element lens upgrade present in the iPhone 12 will likely be seen in this year’s lineup, as well as the following year.

Though Camera Upgrades Are Expected, Apple Likely Won’t Upgrade the Lens Until 2023, Bringing Some Limitations

A new report from Ming-Chi Kuo talks about maintaining the same lens system for the 2021 and 2022 iPhone range. Previously, Kuo stated that we should expect camera upgrades for the ultrawide unit, but the lens technology will likely remain the same. While this means that the iPhone 13 series will still produce improved image quality, there could be some limitations in capturing images and video.

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For instance, lossless zoom could be limited, and that limitation might branch out to the 2022 iPhone lineup, assuming Kuo’s prediction materializes. Unlike Apple, major Android phone manufacturers have already adopted periscope lenses to their premium smartphones, giving them new levels of optical zoom capabilities. Perhaps Apple is waiting for these lens upgrades to improve further and reduce in price, so it secures relevant suppliers for this component.

In a different report, it’s mentioned that the LiDAR unit might be available for non-Pro versions, meaning that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini arriving later this year could feature them too. In short, we might be getting more upgrades than previously anticipated, so not getting a lens bump for two years isn’t the worse thing to happen. Also, as Apple aims to secure more 7P lenses, Kuo believes suppliers should witness some tough competition in the pricing segment.

Major supply partners like Largan and Genius Electronics will likely duke it out with one another, providing a large percentage of shipments to Apple in the coming months. Only the iPhone giant stands to benefit from this heated competition since it can leverage better pricing for these lenses.

News Source: AppleInsider

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