DxOMark Will Announce Its iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Results on November 7, so Mark Your Calenders


While the iPhone 11 Pro Max DxOMark results for audio quality have been published, and surprisingly, the verdict lies behind the iPhone XS Max, we have yet to see the website publish the camera review. Well, you won’t have to worry any longer because DxOMark has notified themselves when the results will be out, and you’ll only have to wait a few days.

Even Though the iPhone 11 Pro Max DxOMark Camera Results Aren’t out yet, Others Have Praised the Optics Hardware, as Well as Other Areas

According to the information posted on DxOMark’s official Twitter handle, the camera results for the iPhone 11 Pro Max will be released on November 7. The review website has already published the Pixel 4 results, and with an overall score of 112, it continues to lag behind the reigning champion of the camera leaderboards, which is the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and its overall score of 121.

Apple’s Recalibration Process in iOS 14.5 Has Increased Battery Health Percentage for iPhone 11 Users

While a lot of us will sit around and wait for the iPhone 11 Pro Max DxOMark results to come out, other critics had some really nice things to say about Apple’s latest and greatest flagship. Firstly, DisplayMate awarded an A+ rating to the model’s OLED screen, stating that it featured the best display on a smartphone to date. Secondly, Consumer Reports praised both the cameras, the water resistance and the battery life of the newest model. This suggests that Apple’s more efficient A13 Bionic, improved software optimization and a larger lithium-ion cell helped increase battery endurance.

Overall, the issues that customers may have complained about while having made the iPhone XS Max as their daily driver were polished with the release of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and it’s offered at the same price tag as its predecessor. Of course, not all customers will be happy about the fact that you need to pay a minimum of $1099 to own Apple’s latest and largest model.

In case you wanted to observe a closer look at the optics, a recent night mode camera comparison between the Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 revealed that Apple has come a long way in computational photography because the results were very impressive, to say the least. This only means that the iPhone 12 range will have an even more advanced camera setup, and we will definitely look forward to that. For now, let us be patient and await the iPhone 11 Pro Max DxOMark results in a few days.

News Source: Twitter (DxOMark)