Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Thrashes the iPhone 11 Pro Max in Latest Speed Test [Video]

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Thrashes the iPhone 11 Pro Max in Latest Speed Test [Video]

Thanks to the level of software optimization, the impressive memory management of the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the sheer performance of the A13 Bionic running inside gives it an edge against the Android flagship competition. It’s honestly a rarity to see a premium Android smartphone best Apple’s champion but on this occasion, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra would have surprised nearly everyone in the latest speed test.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s 12GB LPDDR5 Helps Give the Phablet an Edge, Particularly During the Second Lap of the Speed Test

Like always, YouTube channel PhoneBuff performs two speed test runs. During the first lap, there were only a couple of times where the iPhone 11 Pro Max stuttered, meaning that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra would have to be on top of its game to take down a handset like this. At the end of the first lap, given below are the times the two flagships managed to finish it.

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  • iPhone 11 Pro Max - 1:52.91
  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra - 1:54.75

Though the first lap was clearly won by the iPhone 11 Pro Max, it’s a different ballgame during the second run. Since the iPhone 11 Pro Max features just 4GB RAM, it is unable to keep all the apps running in the background at all times, meaning that some of the more demanding programs had to start again. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, on the other hand, didn’t experience the same hiccups thanks to having 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM, which allowed the flagship to keep the majority of the apps running, once again finding itself in the lead.

The result; the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra ended the second speed run in just 00:46.09 seconds while the iPhone 11 Pro Max took its sweet time, finishing at 1:00.42. This naturally makes the Note 20 Ultra victorious over Apple’s current high-end offering but keep in mind that it won’t be long before we have the iPhone 12 lineup upon us so we’ll see if those upcoming models bringing any significant changes to the results.

News Source: YouTube (PhoneBuff)

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