iPhone 12 Pro Max Teardown Shows 47% Larger Sensor Than iPhone 12, but Smaller Battery Than Last Year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max Teardown Shows 47% Larger Sensor Than iPhone 12, but Smaller Battery Than Last Year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro Max teardown is live from our favorite disassembly experts, iFixit. The innards of Apple’s largest iPhone to date reveals several changes compared to the iPhone 12 Pro and the remaining models in general. Let us look at the teardown in more detail to see what sets the iPhone 12 Pro Max apart from the rest of the pack.

The Highlight of the iPhone 12 Pro Max Teardown Also Includes the New Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization System

Thanks to its sheer 6.7-inch display, the iPhone 12 Pro Max size is large enough to house a plethora of components. One of them is the L-shaped battery, which is also present in last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max. Unfortunately, for 2020, Apple incorporated a smaller 14.13Whr cell than the 15.04Whr packed in last year’s flagship. After looking at this teardown, we figured that a part of that has to do with the massive camera module that includes three sensors and one new LiDAR unit.

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In case you didn’t know what a LiDAR camera does, one use case is it can instantly measure someone’s height. More and more uses will eventually be added, but for now, this is one nifty feature of the LiDAR camera. According to iFixit, the standard 12MP shooter on the iPhone 12 Pro Max is 47 percent larger than the sensor on the iPhone 12, allowing more light to pass through. There are also four magnets surrounding the larger 12MP sensor, meaning Apple has employed its new sensor-shift stabilization technology.

You can learn more about this addition here, but if you want a summary, it greatly improves stabilization when capturing images or video compared to other stabilization techniques. Overall, iFixit gave the iPhone 12 Pro Max teardown a 6 out of 10 for repairability, with some final thoughts given below. In short, the 6.7-inch is the best flagship Apple has come up with yet, though we’re still disappointed it comes with a smaller battery than its predecessor, not to mention the lack of a 120Hz display when other competitors offer this hardware.

Still, there’s always next year to look forward to.

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Final Thoughts

Screen and battery remain prioritized and reasonably accessible for replacement.

Most components are fairly modular and replaceable.

Some uncommon screws complicate all repairs, but reusable fasteners are preferred over adhesives.

Waterproofing helps reduce the frequency of some repairs while complicating others.

The glass back makes drops even more dangerous and requires a full case replacement if it breaks.

News Source: iFixit

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