Get the Hubsan Zino and FIMI X8 Drones at Discount, Features 4K Camera, 3-axis Gimbal, More


If you're looking to get a drone that not only looks good but boasts high-end features then you have come to the right place. The drones that we have to offer today brags features that are present on high-end flagship drones that cost an upwards of a thousand dollars. With the Hubsan Zino and FIMI X8, you're getting all of that at an amazing price.

Hubsan Zino and FIMI X8 Drones Available at an Insane Discount for a Limited Time

The Hubsan Zino and FIMI X8 drones are available at a massive price drop only for a limited time. The prices will revert back so be sure to order your share as soon as you can. Now let's dive in to see some more details on the drones.

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Hubsan Zino H117S 5G

Main Features:
4K Ultra High Definition Image
With the powerful 4K resolution, H117S Zino provides excellent image with clear details, vivid color, enhancing your video quality.
3-Axis Gimbal for Stable and Smooth Filming
Allows you to adjust the camera to a particular angle smoothly and stably, providing smooth videos without jello effect, even in high speed and strong wind.
Excellent Panoramic Shot
Hubsan H117S Zino takes and overlaps several photos to a panoramic one without post-processing needed, which allows you to get wonderful landscape pictures easily.
GPS Positioning
A precise GPS system on-board allows you to track and record your flight, showing the distance and real-time position of your drone.
23mins Long Flight Time
Line Fly Mode
Zino flies in a straight line at a specifies angle and direction that you choose.
Intelligent Target Tracking
Adopting the target tracking technology, Hubsan H117S Zino follows the target precisely and continuously while working, recording every moment when you are doing sports on a great journey.
Waypoint Mode
Fly according to the plan once you set a flight route on the APP, even when you can't control it because of blocked vision.
One Key Take off / Landing
The powerful built-in GPS provides the accurate position information, supporting the one-key takeoff /landing and return-to-home function, do not worry about losing your drone anymore.

The Hubsan Zino offers great control, ultra stability and generally just looks good. It is durable as well which means it can withstand harsh weather conditions and much more. If you're up for it, the Hubsan Zino H117S is available at the following prices.

  • Get the Hubsan Zini with 1 Battery and without storage bag at just $259.99. Get it here.
  • Get the Hubsan Zino with 2 Batteries and 1 Storage Bag at just $279.99. Get it here.
  • Get the Hubsan Zino with 3 Batteries and 1 Storage Bag at just $295.99. Get it here.

Hubsan Zino and FIMI X8 drones


Main Features:
Stable and Smooth to Shoot
Adopting the latest professional control algorithms technology and lightweight 3-axis mechanical gimbal, this drone provides smooth and jello free videos even in high-speed or strong-wind conditions.
Ultra-clear 4K Images
Equipped with the Ambarella image processor and Sony IMX378 sensor, FIMI X8 SE performs well in shooting and capturing every moment at an incredible 4K / 30fps in higher quality with lower power consumption.
33 Minutes Flight Time Increase More Fun
Powered by a 4500mAh large capacity battery, the drone is allowed to flies 33 minutes and record more scenes in one take.
Multiple Smart Shooting Modes
FIMI X8 SE is available to achieve various creative ideas by providing different footage, such as shooting panoramas images, time-lapse filming, route-based recording, and target-tracking filming.
5KM Real-time HD Video Transmission
Supported by the enhanced anti-interference performance and adaptive streaming bitrate technology, transfer video signals up to 5km with better video quality and lower latency, enhancing the filming experience.
Reliable Safe Flight Protections
RTH mode, Dual IMU systems, GPS real-time tracking, low-battery reminding, wind warning, excessive power warning, and auto hovering when approaching the no-fly zone to ensure safety while the drone is working.

The FIMI X8 SE is a special one and comes in a matte black look. It's durable and boasts a strong build. The camera quality us stunning and can be used for professional and casual needs. The FIMI X8 SE is available at an 11 percent off, priced at $498.99. Head over to this link to get it.

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Hubsan Zino and FIMI X8 drones

That's all for our discount on Hubsan Zino and FIMI X8 drones. Both drones feature a 4K camera and 3-axis gimbal for enhanced stability. If you're up for it, get it as soon as you can ahead of the expiration date. You might also like our discount on the following products.

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