Ring’s Latest Security Camera is an Autonomous Drone That Flies Around for Multiple Viewpoints

Ali Salman
Ring Home Security Camera Drone

Ring is innovating how we mainly use security cameras, giving them the option to roam around freely and keep a check. That's right, Ring's latest solution to home security camera is an autonomous drone that dlies around providing users with multiple viewpoints. It fflies around your home to give you a clear look of any room that you want.

Ring's New Security Camera Drone Eliminates the Need to own Multiple Cameras for Multiple Viewpoints

Ring has debuted a new kind of security camera which is basically a drone. It flies around in order to provide users with a clear look in any room or location. Moreover, once the drone is done flying it will automatically return to its charging stand. The security camera is expected to come with a price tag of $249.99 and will ship starting next year.

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Ring Home Security Camera Drone

Ring's founder and cheif inventor says that the Always Home Cam is to give users multiple viewpoints without having the need to equip multiple cameras in their homes. The company spent two years in R&D for the Always Home Cam to see daylight. The security camera drone is entirely autonomous but users have the option available to devise a path it can take. Using the drone for the first time, you devise viewpoints and for it to create a map in your home.

The security camera drone can be set to fly on demand using an app or connected to the Ring Alarm system to fly only when an intrusion is detected. Take note that the drone does not record when it is on charging and that it produces audible noise when recording. It can detect little things like if the door is locked or if the stove is keft unaattended. It uses the onstacle avoidance technology to make flights easier and safer at home. Check out the video for more details:

Ring's Home security drone is indeed a pretty unique product with a lot of promise. It changes how we see and use home security cameras. We will share more details on it as soon as we have more word on the release. Let us know how you liked it.

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