Undo / Redo Text on Your Apple iPhone and iPad – How to

Undo / Redo text on Apple iPhone and iPad:

If you are not familiar with how to undo redo typing on iPhone or iPad, this simple iOS guide will hopefully help you out. It doesn't involve any technicality or combo keys to remember; here is how to undo redo typing on iPhone, your iPad or an iPod touch.

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How to undo redo typing on iPhone:

If you have to undo redo typing on iPhone - any text that you typed, copied, or deleted - simply shake your iPhone and you will see a popup with a couple options like Undo Typing and a Cancel button. This shake-to-undo is a gesture-triggered action giving you the ease of handling text easily.Undo Redo Typing on iPhone ipad

If you have pasted any text in iPhone and want to undo it, simply shake and it will ask you to Undo Paste.

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Undo / redo typing on iPad:

No, you are not supposed to shake that slate to get the undo / redo options - thankfully. iPad keyboard has dedicated buttons to undo or redo any text. To undo any text, get the key by tapping on 123 key on the keyboard.Undo Redo Typing on iPhone

To redo text on an iPad, tap 123 and then tap on the #+= key. Undo Redo Typing on iPhone


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