iPhone 6 Leaked Images from Foxconn Factory – Thinner Design, Rounded Edges

Rafia Shaikh

The latest iPhone 6 leaked images come from the Chinese social network Weibo. These images show iPhone 6 with an even thinner, taller, and a wider design. These iPhone 6 leaked images are sourced from Foxconn Factory.concept iPhone 6

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iPhone 6 leaked images:

These factory leaks also show a protruding camera on iPhone 6, much like the current-gen iPod Touch. The leaked images seem to be confirming the rumors and speculations we have received so far. As predicted, these images too show a wider and taller iPhone 6 with a thinner body.

The smartphone also shows the rounded edges, which was also previously predicted. The iPhone 6 leaked images set include a low-res screen shot showing the next iPhone's specifications. But we don't seem to make much out of it.

The images reportedly come from Foxconn, where iPhone 6 will be manufactured; however, as we always suggest, take all the leaks with a pinch of salt, eh?

iPhone 6 leaked images:

Apple's next iPhone 6 is reported to be launched in two variants of display sizes, a 4.7 inch display and another with a 5.5 inch display. Earlier rumors suggest an A8 processor, Sapphire glass display, thinner body and larger display. Read more here: iPhone 6 Leaks – Ultra Retina Screen, 2.6GHz A8 Processor & More!

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