Hide Stock Apps from Home Screen, Thanks to this iOS 7.1 Bug

Rafia Shaikh

There have been a few tiny glitches in iOS 7.1 which are actually helping us achieve some things not usually available until we don't jailbreak our iOS devices. We can create nested folders, and seemingly we can also hide iOS stock apps from home screen in iOS 7.1. The steps are similar to how we create nested folders as it also requires the nesting technique.

We often find several of native apps lying on the home screen quite annoying. There is no setting to hide or uninstall them. While these few steps, shared with you below, hide stock apps from home screen, they don't uninstall the native applications.

Your storage will still be full of these installed native apps; you may see the hidden apps back again when you reboot your iOS 7.1 powered iPhone or iPad and would need to redo these steps; however, this will help you if you don't switch your device off frequently.

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Hide iOS stock apps from home screen:

Here is how you can hide iOS stock apps from home screen on iOS 7.1 updated devices:

  • Move the apps that you want to hide in a folder.
  • Now move this folder on a page that is fully loaded with icons and no space is empty.
  • Create a folder by dragging an app on another; when the animation starts, drag your folder full of app icons that you wish to hide, into it. Be quick and drag the folder when the animation is in progress.
  • Open this new folder and remove the apps inside. Drag this to-hide folder out and it would vanish.

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Hide iOS stock apps from home screen video tutorial:

Source: YouTube

This is just a glitch in iOS 7.1 which helps you hide stock apps from home screen. However, if you reboot or update to any update from Apple, this glitch will probably not work. An easy and short-term solution to hide those unnecessary icons from home screen though.

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