iOS 7.1 Tips and Tricks: Enable Button Shapes in the Latest iOS 7.1

Apple introduced quite an immaculate design philosophy with iOS 7. The problem? It was often too white for the eyes and had rather disorienting effects with lack of borders and buttons. iOS 7.1 has tried to thwart that issue by offering a new option to enable button shapes. Here is how to enable them and how do they look like in different windows / apps.Enable button shapes in iOS 7.1

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Enable button shapes in iOS 7.1:

With the latest OS offering, Apple has seemed to have responded to various users' discomfort with the design of iOS 7. The latest iOS brings in the option to enable button shapes in iOS 7.1. While this does not bring the classic iOS 6 style buttons back, but it does make you look and find buttons a little easier. 

When you enable this option for button shapes, some of the buttons get a grey shading block, while others are underlined. This setting in iOS 7.1 also picks the color of the icon and bases the selected tab with the shading of its icon's color. This way, tabs selected in Music app get a red shading, tab selected in App Store get a blue shade, and so on.Enable button shapes in iOS 7.1

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As the feature is not enabled by default, here are the steps to enable button shapes in iOS 7.1 under Accessibility:

  • In the Settings app on your iOS 7.1 powered iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, tap on General > Accessibility.
  • Next to Button Shapes, tap on On / Off toggle to enable button shapes in iOS to Enable button shapes in iOS 7.1

This will help you get button shapes and underlined labels in iOS 7.1.Enable button shapes in iOS 7.1

Let us know if you like this concept of button emphasis in iOS 7.1; or if you'd have appreciated more classic look.

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