Catchr: Catch and Track Curious Family, Friends and Collegues Using Your Phone in Your Absence

Rafia Shaikh

Have you ever wondered if someone you trust tries to snoop in to your mobile phone or use it in your absence? Well, Catchr iOS privacy app is designed to help you catch all the curious snoopers and secret users of your iPhone!

catchr ios privacy app

Catchr iOS privacy app:

Catchr is an iOS privacy and security app designed to help you check if a person you trust uses your iPhone behind your back. It happens in our daily lives that we have to often leave our smartphone at the coffee table or counter top with our friends, siblings, and colleagues. But we almost always have the intrigue if they ever use our phone, snoop in on to us, etc.

Catchr helps you by tracking all the app activity happening on your device. Developer claims that apps track recording is 98 percent accurate. Catchr iOS privacy app will keep logging activities until its open. Once the app is shut down, the session will be closed, however, the list of all the previous app activity will be available once the app is opened again.

“This app comes in handy if you are the type of person who finds privacy as being an individual right & delight. It can also be a helpful tool in figuring out which of your friends you can trust, or if your significant other is a bit nosy or not.” - developer.

Along with the app activity, each recorded session (all the activity is saved to a list called a session) will also track how the app was closed. If it was a forced shut down or by an authorized user. GPS movements that your iPhone experienced during that session are also recorded.catchr ios privacy app

Catchr iOS app also has a passcode lock allowing you to not let anyone else tamper with the logs. Catchr iOS is certainly one good privacy app and would increase your security level if you are feeling like someone is trying to snoop in to your mobile phone.

Catchr iOS privacy app is available for $1.99; let's hope to see more such harmless apps trying to protect our privacy and security.

Note: according to the developers, app will not work with two iOS built-in apps; Mail and Phone apps since recording their data violates App Store Rules.

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