Three Ways to Sync Your iPhone Calendar with Your Android Device – How to


Since these are the times of keeping more than just one mobile device, big chance of you owning an Android and another iOS device. If you use the Calendar app a lot to keep a track of your routine, meetings and events, we know just how to make your life a little easier.

Adding same calendar entries separately to both devices can be a pain; here is how to sync iPhone calendar with Android devices!

sync iPhone Calendar with Android

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How to sync iPhone Calendar with Android:

Here are a few ways that will help you sync iPhone calendar with Android devices:

  • One by one: If you only a very few calendar entries, you can go with this simple one by one method. Transfer your iPhone calendar entries individually to Google account. Once it is moved to Google account, it will be available on all your Android devices. No iCloud required. Simply have your iPhone, Android device and a Google account. Here is how to manually transfer iPhone calendar to Google account:
    1. On your iPhone, go to Settings app and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
    2. If you have Google account set up on iPhone, simply select Google or Gmail account and enable Calendar. If you haven't;
      1. Select Add Account Google > enter your Google account details.
      2. During the setup process,make sure Calendars switch is on.
      3. When asked, select to keep local calendars on your iPhone instead of deleting.sync iPhone Calendar with Android
    3. On iPhone's Home screen, launch Calendar app. Tap on calendar event that you want to transfer and you'd see the details.
    4. On the menu, tap on Calendar > Google or Gmail account. Make sure Google account name checkbox is checked.
    5. Once the phones sync, you will be able to see that event in both your devices!


  • 2- Export / Import: If you have a lot of appointments, manual transfer is definitely tedious and time consuming. With an iCloud account you can share the calendar events with your Google account and thus with Android devices in just one go. This method is a bit tricky but it would help you transfer all your calendar entries to your Android device. iCloud account on your iPhone, desktop or a laptop, a Google account, a web browser on your computer, and of course an Android device will be needed for this process:
    1. On iPhone, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars Add Account and set up your iCloud account; allow your iPhone to sync your local calendar to iCloud.
    2. On the web browser of your PC, open and login to iCloud account.
    3. Click on Calendar icon and then on Share Calendar button on the left panel.
    4. In the popup, check Public Calendar and copy the sharing URL that appears below it.
    5. Open a new browser tab and paste the URL. Change webcal to http in the URL and then enter. It will download a file containing all your iPhone calendar entries.
    6. Save the file on your computer and rename to something readable with ics extension like calendar.ics.
    7. On your web browser, login to Google Calendar.
    8. Click on the menu arrow just beside the Other Calendars. 
    9. Click on Import Calendar and locate / select the ics file you downloaded from iCloud and click the Import button.
    10. Once imported is done, you will see all the imported entries in Google Calendar and they will be available on your Android device too.

We hope the above two methods help you sync iPhone Calendar with Android. However, if really need some very simple and instant solution that could sync calendar entries, buy the SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar app by Marten Gajda. The app will establish a seamless iPhone to Android connection for instantaneous calendar syncing. SmoothSync is available for $3.00 on Google Play Store.