iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks: Touch ID, UI Customizations, Custom Keyboards and Better Privacy

So after a good couple of weeks and a few updated list of iOS 7 compatible jailbreak tweaks, here is finally a review of some iOS 7 tweaks worth trying. While a couple of these focus only on iPhone 5s taking advantage of its Touch ID; others are more focused on customizing your iOS ios 7 compatible jailbreak tweaks

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iOS 7 compatible jailbreak tweaks:

- Activator: 

Activator is a famous iOS jailbreak tweak now fully compatible with iOS 7. The updated Activator iOS 7 jailbreak tweak lets you use the Touch ID for any activator action. It also makes you use the Touch ID sensor as the Home button.

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Activator is one of the updated iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks for iPhone 5s and available in Cydia for free. Once installed, you can configure Activator action for Touch ID. Launch the app and navigate to Anywhere Single Press under Fingerprint Sensor to select any Activator action from the list.

ios 7 jailbreak tweaks

- BioProtect for iPhone 5s:ios 7 compatible jailbreak tweaks

Another Touch ID sensor based iOS 7 jailbreak tweak, BioProtect is available for $2.99 in BigBoss repo in Cydia. Exclusively available for jailbroken iPhone 5s, this iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks extends the functions of Touch ID fingerprint sensor to apps increasing the privacy of a user. BioProtect iOS 7 jailbreak tweak for iPhone 5s will limit who can and who should not be able to launch installed apps from the home screen. Once installed, the package is simple to use. ios 7 compatible jailbreak tweaks for iphone 5s

The dev Elias Limneos has promised to even extend this feature to folder-specific protection for better privacy.

- DockShift:

Apple restricts you to a couple of choices when it comes to UI. Dock backgrounds too are limited to only two options. However, if you have jailbroken your device, of course you are in for some fun!

ios 7 compatible jailbreak tweaks

DockShift is one of the top iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks in terms of UI. Go to Cydia and search for the DockShift. Install it for free and then enable this tweak from the Settings. Go to Settings DockShift Choose Style > and Enable.

Enjoy the new dock background. This tweak, however, will not work with iPhone 4 or lower devices.

Bloard:ios 7 compatible jailbreak tweaks

The very useful Bloard has been introduced for iOS 7 jailbroken devices. Available for free in BigBoss repo in Cydia, Bloard works beautifully as a keyboard for any native and third-party app requiring a keyboard. While iOS 7 default keyboard gives a very clean feel, developers too pair up their apps with whitish keyboards giving the overall look a kinda boring look for some users. ios 7 jailbreak tweaks

Bloard intends to get rid of that white with some black. It offers users with two options of having a white or a beautiful black keyboard with an easy toggle switch.

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