Galaxy S11 Features May Include Advanced Facial Recognition, as Samsung Reportedly Actively Working on a Solution


Now that most major 2019 flagship announcements have been done and dusted, all eyes are on Samsung’s upcoming high-end lineup. Plenty of Galaxy S11 features have leaked or rumored already, which we’ll get to right at the end, but for now, Max Weinbach has apparently uncovered a couple of other things while digging through the One UI 2.0 beta.

Leakster Also Provides Evidence That Apart From Potentially Improved Galaxy S11 Features, the Exynos 9830 Will Be Part of the Internal Specs

Like before, it’s expected that the China and U.S.-bound variants of Samsung’s next flagship are expected to have a Qualcomm chipset inside, while the rest are going to have an Exynos SoC. While it’s almost guaranteed that one variant will have the Snapdragon 865, the unveiling of the Exynos 990 raised speculations that it will power the other non-Qualcomm model. However, the UI beta implies that the Galaxy S11 specs will include the Exynos 9830 instead.

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Moving on, the UX for the phone also apparently contains references to the Face Service app, which means that facial recognition will also be one of the Galaxy S11 features. The Galaxy S10 has a software-based unlock system that isn’t all too secure. However, as Weinbach points out, there is no indication that the Galaxy S11 specs will include a 3D face unlock system for improved security. Needless to say, that will be a downer, especially given the fact that a recently discovered bug also undermined Galaxy S10’s in-display fingerprint scanner.

Other than that, three 5G models of the Galaxy S11 were also spotted. Apparently, they won’t be locked to a specific U.S. carrier. Since the 5G coverage situation is expected to improve next year, perhaps we will see more 5G-ready models than LTE-only ones. As for the other expected Galaxy S11 features, it’s tipped to get 5x optical zoom and an unprecedented camera system. Apart from that, it will likely support LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.0 flash memory too.

The Galaxy S11 firmware has apparently entered the development phase already and it’s tipped to launch in February 2020 and might hit the shelves in March. Prior to that, we might see the rumored Galaxy S10 Lite, a stripped-down version of the Galaxy S10e.

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News Source: Twitter (Max Weinbach)