Download the Leaked Galaxy S20 Wallpapers Right Now


You can now download Galaxy S20 wallpapers for any device right now. The phone's not out yet but the wallpapers are. Great times.

The Phone Maybe Days Away but You Can Download the Leaked Galaxy S20 Wallpapers Right Now

The internet is a fun and weird place. Unlike old days, you'd have to wait a while to get a glimpse of the latest and greatest in tech. Thankfully, that's not the case anymore.

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With the Galaxy S20 just days away from official launch, we have a ton of information on the device already, or devices, dare we say. But today we are going to step things up a notch by offering our readers a chance to download the leaked Galaxy S20 wallpapers. Yes, this is the real deal, thanks to the wonderful folks over at XDA-Developers.

Download 8 leaked Galaxy S20 wallpapers

The Galaxy S20 wallpapers come in a pack of 10, with 8 images and 2 videos in total. But according to XDA, the final shipping product will have a ton more, something which many fans out there should look forward to. And in typical Samsung fashion, these wallpapers are crafted in such a way that they make any AMOLED display look stunning. In the pack available for download, you get 8 wallpapers only, not the videos.

The Galaxy S20 wallpapers are pretty huge in size when it comes to pixel dimensions, with 3200x3200 pixels being the order of the day. This means that you can even use these wallpapers on something like a desktop computer or even an iPad with a Retina display. Feeling crazy? Why not slap one of these backdrops onto a 16-inch MacBook Pro and show some unity with your Android loving brethren?

Where you end up using these wallpapers is entirely your choice. And since the phone is just days away from launch, we're sure we will be treated to even more wallpapers in the time to come. Until then, you can keep the hype alive and strong with the leaked bits.

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If you are interested in taking these wallpapers for a spin, you can download them all as a neat zip from this link.

Look forward to February 11th, people. It is going to be one heck of a month.

News Source: XDA-Developers