Galaxy S11 Launch May Happen Earlier as Firmware Development Work Has Reportedly Commenced


Samsung might want to expedite the Galaxy S11 launch as early as possible to obtain a lead against the competition. According to the latest development, firmware work for the upcoming flagship smartphone range has already started, so that’s one way of reaching your goal of an early launch. There are expected to be several models in the works, so let us take a look at the details right here.

Samsung’s Galaxy S11 Launch Could Be Accompanied by the Company’s One UI 2.1 Update

According to the latest information published by Sammobile, firmware development for various Galaxy S11 models has started. As most of you know, these devices will be running Android 10 right off the bat and are expected to be accompanied by Samsung’s One UI 2.1 update. It’s not confirmed if current-generation handset families like the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10 will be upgraded to One UI 2.1, but we’ll continue to update you in the future. Samsung most likely wants to move up the Galaxy S11 launch so it can gain a considerable lead against the competition and according to one rumor, Samsung might unveil the latest series somewhere in February 2020.

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Sammobile also reports that firmware development for the SM-G986B has started. This model is expected to be the Galaxy S11 version that sits in between the Galaxy S11e and Galaxy S11 Plus and will most likely be equipped with a 5G modem. As for the other models, the SM-G981 will most likely succeed the Galaxy S10e, while the SM-G988 is expected to replace the Galaxy S11 Plus. Samsung reportedly doesn’t have any 4G-ready Galaxy S11 variants in the works at this time but as we near the end of 2019, that might change soon.

Prior to the official Galaxy S11 launch, we’re bound to hear a boatload of rumors and reports, but here are the more interesting ones. Firstly, the flagship series is expected to ship with a taller display coupled with slimmer bezels, at least according to a browser benchmark. Also, when compared against the competition such as Huawei, Samsung is considerably late in adopting a 5x optical zoom module to its smartphone series, but one tipster believes that the Galaxy S11 launch might be accompanied by a camera system we’ve never been accustomed to before.

In terms of security, Samsung will reportedly increase the surface area of its in-display fingerprint reader for improved authentication, but it’s not confirmed which models will feature this change. While that’s all the information we have to share with our readers, we want you to treat this report with a pinch of salt, and we’ll be back with more details soon.

News Source: Sammobile