Galaxy Fold 2 Design May Offer a Less Visible Hinge When Compared to the Original Galaxy Fold, According to Latest Trademark

Galaxy Fold 2 Design May Include a Slightly Hidden Hinge Assembly

Although Samsung’s first foldable phone had its own share of problems even after the highlighted issues were rectified through some hefty changes, we got to hand it to the company for trying its hand with a new form factor. The Korean giant has been a good sport about its bendable phone and has also admitted its mistakes. From the looks of it, the manufacturer has learned from them too, as a new trademark filing indicates some important changes in the Galaxy Fold 2 design.

Samsung Trademarks the Term ‘Hideaway Hinge’, Possibly to Mask the Assembly That Will Eventually Be a Part of the Galaxy Fold 2 Design

Samsung recently applied for a trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for the name ‘Hideaway Hinge’. While the trademark application doesn’t exactly reveal a lot, it is intended for smartphones and tablets. As the Dutch blog LetsGoDigital which stumbled upon the application notes, the hinge will be an important part of the Galaxy Fold 2 design.

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Going solely by the name, it seems the Galaxy Fold 2 design will be more seamless in form than its predecessor. That’s because the name hideaway hinge implies that perhaps the hinge will not be all that visible. We wonder if this will also allow the phone to fold completely flat. That’s not all when it comes to advantages because the approach could also provide a crease-free primary display to the customer. Moreover, we can also assume that since the hinge will be hidden, it will not be susceptible to foreign substances like dust and debris.

Next year, Samsung is apparently planning to release a series of foldable phones, the first of which would most likely be the flip-style handset, which the company has already teased and according to rumors, the primary screen would measure 8.1 inches.

It’s hard to say if this device will come with the aforementioned hideaway hinge. However, a revamped Galaxy Fold 2 design is certainly in need of the hour, as the current foldable forms are vulnerable to irreparable damages. After all, Samsung has set ambitious sales targets for 2020 when it comes to foldable smartphone shipments, and they will be a little difficult to accomplish unless the company is able to prove that its bendable devices are durable enough to justify their price tags.

News Source: Sammobile

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