Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Could Feature Codename ‘Bloom’; Company Reportedly Planning to Use an Inner 8.1-Inch Screen


In the recent past, we have seen various patents filed by Samsung on bendable phones. Thus, it’s pretty evident that the company doesn’t want to give up on this category. The South Korean publication The Bell has now spilled more info about Galaxy Fold 2, the chaebol’s alleged next foldable phone.

Samsung's Rumored Galaxy Fold 2 Specs to Reportedly Include an Inner 8.1-Inch or a 6.7-Inch Display

The Bell Claims that the Galaxy Fold 2 is internally codenamed ‘Bloom’. Apparently, this name reflects the company’s intention of expanding its market share with the new foldable phone. To recall, the Galaxy Fold was internally known as ‘Winner’, and this signified the South Korean giant’s successful attempt to commercialize the product.

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The report claims that the Galaxy Fold 2 will launch in April, after the launch of the Galaxy S11 series. This sounds pretty credible, given that the company’s first foldable phone was originally slated for an April release. Apparently, this time around Samsung will be going for a clamshell design, which means the upcoming handset will fold along the horizontal access, just like the iconic Moto RAZR. Previously, the company was apparently going to its device a 6.7-inch inner display.

However, now that a decent number of ‘candy-bar’ form factor smartphones offer displays of this size, Samsung could be reconsidering its decision. The whole idea behind foldable phones is providing a larger screen estate while keeping the device portable. A compact 6.7-inch Galaxy Fold 2 might look terrific, but it might not offer any real value to consumers beyond what typical phones already provide when we talk about screen real estate. That’s why Samsung might increase the size of the screen to 8.1-inch. However, accommodating this size in a flip phone might prove challenging.

If Samsung indeed plans to launch the phone in April, it doesn’t have a lot of time to finalize the decision. Other specifications aren’t known, but we can expect the phone to feature the upcoming Snapdragon 865 under the hood. Some reports claim that software development for the Galaxy Fold 2 has also started.

No matter which orientation Samsung goes for, let’s just hope the Galaxy Fold 2 will not be plagued by the same problems as its predecessor. Other than that, a less inflated price tag will definitely be appreciated by consumers. Considering the turbulent launch of the original Galaxy Fold, would you consider the Galaxy Fold 2 as your daily driver? Let us know down in the comments.

News Source: The Bell