Final Form Is a Stunning Sci-Fi FPS from the Makers of RUINER

Final Form

One of the many new projects in development under Prime Matter's umbrella is Final Form (working title), a Sci-Fi first-person shooter from the Polish studio Reikon Games. You may know them as the creators of RUINER, the isometric shoot'em up game released in 2017.

Reikon Games developer and co-founder Magdalena Tomkowicz said:

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Making this game is like coming back to our roots. Final Form (working title) has been brewing and growing for a long time, inspired by our passion for exploring the unknown and nourished by works of art that contemplate possible futures of mankind, the civilization we call our own and whatever might lie beyond.

We’re looking forward to revealing more of FF, its blood-pumping movement and combat, breathtaking environments, and haunting universe. The main focus of our work is the soul of the game.

According to the press release, the game will take players on an action-packed adventure as a humanoid avatar of a sentient spaceship. Eventually, the mission will expand beyond the edge of the known universe as the players try to beat an unstoppable plague and protect the last celestial being, the very essence of creation and life.

A brief but impressive teaser trailer for Final Form was also released today. Check it out below.

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