iPhone 9 With 6.1-Inch Screen Reportedly Touting Bezels as Thin as 0.5mm When It Launches in Late November


The iPhone 9 will be the first mobile phone from Apple sporting an LCD screen and featuring slim bezels to complement the lineup that will comprise of the iPhone X successor as well as the iPhone X Plus. An LCD panel means that the smartphone will be cheaper while offering nearly the same things in return to the customers as the remaining two models. According to the latest information that we’ve come across, the iPhone 9 could feature bezels that are thinner than the iPhone X, improving its design score by a massive margin.

iPhone X Features a 1mm Bezel - iPhone 9 Could Top That Thanks to Its Full Active LCD Technology

According to Macotakara, the iPhone 9 will be using a Full Active LCD screen that is going to be sourced from Japan Pixels and will feature a Japan Pixel Eyes touch sensor. Using this Full Active LCD technology, Apple will be able to reduce the bezels of the iPhone 9 by a considerable margin and selling it for a cheaper price than the iPhone X means that consumers should be ‘head over heels’ for the upcoming smartphone.

iPhone 9 Official Name, Available Colors, Storage, and Launch Date Details Seemingly Confirmed

Unfortunately, incorporating this Full Active LCD technology on the iPhone 9 has started to become a challenge, as the report claims that Apple is experiencing production problems with this particular model. Mass production is said to have started taking place this month, but the level of perfection that Apple clamours from its products is reportedly yet to be seen in a considerable amount.

Therefore, it is more than possible that the iPhone 9 will be seeing a later launch, which could happen in the month of November. Though the smartphone is going to be announced alongside two brand new models, Apple might be forced to push the release date of the device because of experiencing such complications.

Other details revolving around the iPhone 9 are that it should cost around $549 for the base model, but there is also a possibility that it is going to be shipped with a dual SIM variant. Its screen should be more colour accurate and brighter thanks to using MLCD+ technology and there is also a separate report detailing that this version is going to be sold in several different and vivid colour models in order to attract the younger generation towards its appeal.

News Source: Macotakara