iPhone 9 To Take Advantage of Improved LCD Technology Present in the LG G7 ThinQ

Omar Sohail
iPhone 9 To Take Advantage of Improved LCD Technology Present in the LG G7 ThinQ

The 2018 smartphone from Apple will include an LCD screen version, which we are calling it the iPhone 9 for now, although speculations state that the California-based giant will attempt to use a much simpler naming system when the three handsets are officially announced in September of this year.

While the technology present in the LG G7 ThinQ is LCD, it is a more advanced iteration of the liquid crystal display and one that could find its way to the iPhone 9 when it is officially released.

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iPhone 9 With Advanced LCD Panel Will Make Screen Super Bright, Color Accurate and Energy Efficient Compared to the Basic Version

To talk about it in more detail, the LG G7 ThinQ features an MLCD+ display and to conclude, it is not an OLED screen. In short, it might not be able to get extremely bright or produce deeper blacks, but it still possesses several benefits and will naturally cost less to Apple, resulting in the iPhone 9 being significantly cheaper compared to the remaining two iPhone brothers while possessing the same internals, such as the Apple A12 SoC.

Conventional LCD pixels comprise three subpixels, one each of red, green and blue. By mixing and matching these, any color can be displayed. On the other hand, MLCD+ adds a fourth subpixel, which is white. This is used to boost the brightness of the pixel, providing a brighter screen as a result.

In addition, the color accuracy is 100 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut, which will be extremely pleasing when you will be using the iPhone 9 for media consumption purposes. Last, but certainly not least, the smartphone is going to be less of a battery hog. According to BusinessKorea, at the same level of brightness, the LG G7 ThinQ consumes 30 percent less power compared to the G6.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that the iPhone 9 might be up to 30 percent power efficient compared to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, though these results will be subject to scrutiny when the handset is officially released. Will you pick one up if it exceeds your expectations in battery endurance and performance?

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News Source: BusinessKorea

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