Dual-Camera iPhone 7 To Be Dubbed As iPhone Pro As Images From Apple Supplier Surface

As February ends, leaks from the Apple side of things have started to increase bit by bit. We've been seeing some interesting information surface about the upcoming 4 inch iPhone SE, with the device expected to breathe fresh air into the iPhone lineup. Today we see some information surface about the iPhone 7; the 10th generation iPhone due in September later this year.


Alleged iPhone 7 Chassis Images Surface; Dual-Camera Variant To Be Dubbed As iPhone 7 Pro

As Apple launches the iPhone SE, an 'if' until the company's event due in March, we'd see a greater focus from the company towards product differentiation. Apple's product lineup has always catered to the flagship segment, with the launch of the iPhone 5c being a sore reminder of previous experimentation.

A set of images, obtained from an alleged supplier of both Huawei and Apple claim to show a chassis which could belong to either the iPhone 7 or the Huawei P9. The source of the leak isn't sure about the device either, so your guess is as good as ours at this point.

It does measure 5.2 inches in diagonal, so unless Apple's chosen to make display changes on the iPhone 7, we'd call this one a fluke. There are several other discrepancies to confirm this fact, such as there's a hole right at the bottom for an earphone jack. So if you're wondering how the Huawei P9 looks like, there are a lot of details which have surfaced today.


In some more rather interesting news out of China, we're once again seeing claims surface that Apple will be differentiating its top-tier iPhone lineup this year. Both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus have seen rumors about specifications such as dual cameras, display upgrades and design changes surface.

But if you're excited for the next iPhone only for the dual camera, then you might be in for some disappointing news today. According to sources from China, while the dual camera will indeed be making it on board the iPhone 7, it'll only be the larger variant of the lineup to come with the feature.

Differentiating the two iPhones on the basis of photographic capabilities won't be a new strategy from Apple, as currently only the iPhone 6s Plus comes with OIS on board. Speaking of the device, this year we'll be seeing the iPhone 7 and the iPhone Pro from Apple's end, hinting at even more simplification of the company's lineup.

As 2016 unfolds, things do seem to be taking an interesting turn for Apple, particularly if the iPhone SE does make an appearance next month. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.

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