Report Suggests Apple Is Testing iPhone 7 Models With USB-C, Dual Cameras And More

Ali Salman

It's never too early to start speculating the next iPhone. Earlier rumors suggested that the Cupertino giant is prepping an iPhone with dustproof and waterproof design along with a new material housing the device. According to the rumors originated in China, Apple is testing at least five different variants of the iPhone 7. Each prototype has its own set of hardware characteristics.

The rumor source claims that the various technologies being tested in the iPhone 7 models include a USB-C connector with headset support, an embedded Touch ID onto the display, multi-touch 3D Touch, wireless charging and dual camera configuration. Even though the company is reported to forego the AMOLED displays, one of the prototypes also features an AMOLED panel as per the source.

Let's dive in to see some more details on Apple's plans for the next iPhone and to what extent are the technologies applicable.

Apple Experimenting With Multiple iPhone 7 Variants

It's common for manufacturers to test prototypes in the development stage. So Apple testing various prototypes do not come as a shocker. The company is also reported to replace the Lightning port for a USB-C. Earlier rumors suggested that the USB-C implementation will support headset support. This will allow the company to ditch the headphone jack for a thinner profile.

The multi-touch 3D Touch would mean that you could press harder with multiple fingers rather than one. Allowing the device to unveil more options. One of the most pleasant feature which has been tossed around for a long while is the elimination of the Home button and an in-display Touch ID. However, previous reports have suggested a much likely hindrance in the process.

Considering the wireless charging, it has been one of the most demanding feature by consumers. Samsung has implemented the wireless technology in its recent handsets, it is likely that Apple will consider adopting it in the near future. However, we should keep decent skeptic remarks for the report. It is most likely that not all of these features will be added in the iPhone 7 due to various technological reasons. So it might be hard to say what features will finally reach the final build of the iPhone. Only time will tell what Apple had in store for us.

This is it for now, folks. Does some of the technology sounds too far fetched? To what extent will Apple implement these features in the upcoming iPhone 7? Share your views in the comments section below.


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