Apple Testing Dual-Lens Camera Samples For iPhone 7 Plus


Several camera lens makers in Japan and China, including Largan Technology have sent dual-lens camera sensor samples to Apple for testing purposes. Previously, there were various reports and rumors citing that Apple plans to include a dual-lens camera module on the iPhone 7 Plus. Moreover, we also got to know that Apple will release two iPhone 7 Plus models this year, separated by different camera specifications.

Apple Is Receiving Dual-Lens Camera Samples From Suppliers

The Taiwan-based Largan Technology is reportedly supplying Apple with 60 percent of its camera lens needs. Now, it seems that the same company is looking forward to supply dual-lens camera to the company, possibly to diversify its supply chain and keeping up with the technology. Moreover, the report also claims that 'Apple is likely to seek dual-lens camera products from other makers to lower risk'.

Taiwan-based Largan Technology as well as Japan- and China-based camera lens makers have sent dual-lens camera samples to Apple for testing, according to sources from the upstream supply chain. Apple is reportedly planning to adopt a dual-lens camera for its next-generation iPhone Plus.

According to previous reports, the smaller sibling of the iPhone 7 is said to come with a single camera lens setup, unlike its bigger variant. Moreover, there will be two variants of the iPhone 7 Plus - one will be a standard version with single rear-facing iSight camera, while the other variant will be a more photography-oriented device with dual-lens camera system. It might be due to space constraints that Apple did not feature the smaller version of iPhone 7 with dual-lens camera. Nonetheless, we're expecting two new iPhone 7 Plus variants this year.

It would not be appropriate to say that Apple is the first mover of dual-lens camera module in the smartphone industry. Other Android counterparts have featured dual lens camera system on their smartphones as well. For instance, HTC's M8 and M9 have used dual-lens camera system. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how the Cupertino company uses the dual-lens camera system in iPhone 7.

It is also reported that Apple plans to release three new products on March 15, mainly constituting the smaller iPhone 5se, new Apple Watch as well as the new iPad Air 3 that looks more like a miniature version of the iPad Pro.

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