iPhone 7 Will Be A Terrific Smartphone, If Not For This Little Detail Missing


iPhone 7 is going to sport a ton of improvements over its predecessors, which obviously includes improved hardware. However, it is this one little detail that we feel should be present inside the upcoming flagship device.

iPhone 7

Wireless Noise Cancelling Earpods Will Not Be A Part Of The Upcoming iPhone 7 – According To Two Analysts

According to two analysts, Blayne Curtis and Christopher Hemmelgarn, Apple will include a Lightning-equipped headphone with the iPhone 7, but will not purchase Cirrus' noise-cancelling technology for in-box headphones until the iPhone 7s, which is most likely going to take place during September 2017. In their findings, the analysts have stated the following:

“We still believe there is potential for AAPL to add ANC in the IP7S but believe AAPL is including just the digital headphone in the IP7 this year. We do believe there are aftermarket AAPL and Android opportunities this year, and we have included only 7.5M units in FY17 as those sales. Recent speculation surrounding the elimination of the headphone jack in the IP7 is consistent with this move as AAPL will need to provide a digital headset inbox but likely was not willing to spend the extra cost for the ANC functionality.”


We already know that iPhone 7 is going to be a cut above the rest, because according to our latest report, the upcoming handset and its larger screen brother, iPhone 7 Plus are going to sport 256GB, which is twice the amount that was present inside the tech giant’s current generation iPhones. In addition, it is also expected that iPhone 7 Plus will come with a 3,100mAh, meaning that iPhone 7 will come with a larger battery as opposed to iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s again

Additionally, it is expected that the handset is going to be incorporated with a dual-lens camera, along with the company’s own developed A10 SoC, which is going to be manufactured on the 10nm FinFET node, resulting in much better performance and efficiency. We will continue to keep you posted on details, but as far as things go, what do you think of the upcoming iPhone 7? Let us know your thoughts.