Get The Apple iPhone 5C For Under A Dollar At Just $0.97 And The 16 GB 5S For $79

Ramish Zafar

Apple's all set to launch the iPhone 6 this September with a variety of impressive specs. As the iPhone 6 comes with a larger screen size, a better processor and other features, vendors seem to be keep to get the existing 5C and 5S devices in stock out as soon as possible. So Wallmart has made the 16 GB Apple iPhone 5C and 5S a part of a fire sale which will allow you to get the devices for ridiculously low prices.

So for all of you that think the iPhone 6 will end up being a little heavy on their wallets, Wallmart's deals just might be the thing for you. According to the fire sale, the 16 GB Apple iPhone 5C will be available for just a mere $ 0.79. We suppose the amount is there just so Wallmart doesn't end up giving you something for free. Though the price tag of $ 0.79 does almosttt make the iPhone 5C free. You'll still be under a contract of Verizon, AT&T, US Cellular or Sprint for two years though.

Apple iPhone 5C Available For Just $ 0.79 - The 5S Going For $ 79.

Apart from the iPhone 5C, Wallmart has also put the iPhone 5S up for an amazing offer as well. The 16 GB iPhone 5S will be available for a mere $ 79. This isn't the first time that Wallmart has decided to clear it's stocks ahead of the iPhone 6 launch. Early in August we saw the retailer listing the iPhone 5S for as low as $99. The carrier deal for the iPhone 5C also applies to the iPhone 5S. By purchasing the Apple device for $79, you still bind yourself to Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular or AT&T for a period of two years.

Apple reportedly has two different iPhones under the works this year, with the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 to see a September launch. With Sapphire display allegedly off the tables, the next Apple flaghsip devices are expected to come with several impressive features. These include a revamped processor, an all new iOS and even a reversible USB connector cable.

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