iOS 14 Concept Shows What Home Screen Widgets Would Look Like on an iPhone


Following up on the news about home screen widgets coming to iOS 14, concept images have already been created that envision how the new design would work.

The best new concept comes from Parker Ortolani, Product Marketing Lead at Buzzfeed. His design is well thought-out and shows a framework called SpringKit, which developers could use to create different home screen views for their apps. These views include: icon, live icon and a widget. His concept of live icons is interesting and shows how quick actions can be assigned to buttons on a live icon. While the widget works as we all expect - full size, similar to what we currently see in the spotlight search menu when you swipe right on the home screen.

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Parker's concept also shows how menus for icons or widgets could be used to modify settings for the app's view. An app's icon could easily switch between all the views, if the developer supports SprintKit.

iOS 14 Home screen widgets 2

Parker has also created an animated demo of how his iOS 14 widget concept would work on an iPhone.

Although the concept looks great on an iPhone, it would look much better on a large iPad screen. Many widgets take more than two rows, or more, when fully expanded, and they would fit well on the larger screen real-estate that an iPad offers.

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Developers have been creating widgets for iOS for a long time, and this feature would be a welcome addition. Personally, I have almost 45 widgets on my iPad, which rarely get my attention. The top three widgets that I place on my iPad are the most useful ones as they provide me information at a quick glance. But there are many other widgets that I would use and place on my iPad's home screen, once iPadOS 14 comes out.

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