Keychain in iOS 14 Will Support Two-Factor Authentication Codes and Password Warnings

iCloud Keychain iOS 14

iCloud Keychain in iOS 14 will gain new features which will include two-factor authentication codes and leaked password warnings. These features will further push iCloud Keychain towards a complete password management solution.

iCloud Keychain in iOS 14

As per the latest leaks from 9to5Mac, who have access to a leaked iOS 14 build, Apple is working on enhancements for iCloud Keychain, the company's password management solution. iCloud Keychain saves and syncs passwords across iOS, iPadOS and macOS, allowing users to easily sign-in to websites on Safari, and apps on iPhone and iPad.

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9to5Mac says that iCloud Keychain will gain support for two-factor authentication codes in iOS 14. This will allow users to easily set up apps and services with iCloud Keychain to generate 2FA codes. Apps like 1Password already support this feature.

The website also claims that iCloud Keychain will detect passwords that are reused across different websites, and warn the user about them for security reasons. However, this feature already exists. If you use iCloud Keychain, you can go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Websites & App Passwords. If you have reused passwords with different websites and apps, you will see a warning, along with the number of services you have used the password with. You will also be warned if your password contains any words that can easily be guessed.


Despite its convenience and features, the biggest drawback of relying on iCloud Keychain is its restriction to Apple's software. There is no extension for browsers like Chrome and Firefox, and no app for Windows. If you use an iPhone and use Windows, you are completely out of luck. In Apple's ideal world, an iCloud Keychain user would have a Mac, use only Safari in macOS, and own an iPhone. This is the primary reason that people still use password management solutions like 1Password and LastPass. The day Apple decides to open up iCloud Keychain and support other platforms is the day I would cancel my 1Password subscription.

This is not the first time that upcoming features from iOS 14 have been leaked. Check out our on-going coverage for the long list of leaks:

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