Apple Shares iPhone X Guided Tour Covering Gestures, Face ID, Animoji And More


After a long wait, the iPhone X is now in the hands of customers across the world. Today, Apple uploaded a new iPhone X Guided Tour video on its YouTube channel in an attempt to provide an overview of all the features part of the device. Since the device does not feature a Home button, Apple has added support for various gestures that lets you accomplice the same task. As for now, let's check out what features has the company included in its guided tour of the iPhone X.

Apple Publishes A New Guided Tour Of The iPhone X, Covering Various Aspects Of The Device

Apple has recently started launching tutorials videos that detail various aspects of iOS. The brand new tutorial video is four minutes long and includes tutorials for a wide range of aspects such as the basic gestures to walk navigate around iOS 11's new interface, Face ID, Animoji, Apple Pay and more.

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Since the device does not feature a Home button, there were specific questions in mind of the user, for instance, the reachability gesture, force closing apps, rebooting the device and more. While Apple's guided tour of the iPhone X is pretty basic, you will find all the relevant guides with us, so do stay tuned in for more.

The video talks about the Animoji in detail and how you can send one to your contact. You have used the emoji a lot over the past but now it is time to become one with the iPhone X. The TrueDepth Camera technology inside the notch maps 50 facial muscles to mimic your action or reaction. In addition to this, you have 12 different characters to choose from and you can also shift between them after you have recorded your impression.

The camera on the iPhone X is one of the biggest changes on the iPhone X. The Portrait Lighting feature lets you take Portrait Selfies and more. There are a bunch of light effects that you can play around with. For more details on it, check out the video embedded below.

It makes sense for Apple to drop a guided tour of the iPhone X. This is because a lot has changed on the device. From hardware changes to the internals of the device and the complete redesign of the basic ways through which you interact with the device has been changed. If not at once, you will get used to the new ways through which you can interact with iOS on the new iPhone.

This is it for now, folks. We will be covering the iPhone X and iOS 11 guides in detail, so do stay tuned in for that. As for now, share your thoughts on the iPhone X guided tour in the comments.