Tipster Confirms 120Hz Refresh Rate Screens for Galaxy S20 Lineup – Claims Samsung Removing the Feature Was a Misunderstanding


A shocking message by well-known Ice Universe most likely took us all by surprise when he earlier claimed that all the upcoming Galaxy S20 models will not sport a 120Hz refresh rate as Samsung may have decided to omit the feature. Thankfully, he’s back with another statement, assuring potential buyers that the future is very exciting.

Ice Universe has come up with an update that the Galaxy S20 will feature a 2K 120Hz screen. As we had suspected earlier, this was just a misunderstanding and so, you can look forward to a buttery smooth display. Samsung seemingly confirmed during the CES 2020 trade show that the Galaxy S10 successor will be called Galaxy S20, which means it will be a significant upgrade over the last year’s model. For the record, all Galaxy S10 models ship with a 60Hz display. The same specification is found in the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus, meaning that the upcoming series will be seen as a major upgrade.

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The Galaxy S20 series will offer three models, as has been reiterated by the leakster, including the ‘lightweight’ Galaxy S20, the ‘mainstream’ Galaxy S20 Plus, and the ‘supreme’ Galaxy 20 Ultra. The phones will be launched on February 11 alongside Samsung’s upcoming clamshell foldable phone, the Galaxy Bloom. Samsung already makes display with high refresh rates for other vendors so it’s about time that its own handsets are also treated to them.

Previously, One UI Beta’s hidden menu had also hinted that the company’s upcoming flagship will have a 120Hz display. Samsung will apparently allow the users to choose between a 60Hz and 120Hz refresh rate, as keeping the latter on at all times can be extremely taxing on the battery. Choosing a high refresh rate when static content is being displayed is futile anyway, so providing an option for the masses is a wise decision.

The Galaxy S20 is also tipped to come with a 108MP sensor and a telephoto lens offering 5x optical zoom. More details are expected in the days leading to the launch, so stay tuned.

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News Source: Twitter (Ice universe)