Galaxy S11 Plus Rumored to Offer a Much More Secure 3D Facial Recognition System Using a Single Front-Facing Camera

Samsung is widely anticipated to step up the security on its upcoming flagship phones with the inclusion of 3D facial recognition. However, since the leaked renders of the Galaxy S11 Plus only showed one punch-hole cutout, an opinion formed that perhaps the technology giant is going to leave this feature out. Apparently, that’s not the case, that is if a new report regarding the Galaxy S11 Plus front camera is to be believed.

Possible Evidence of the Galaxy S11 Plus Front Camera Supporting 3D Facial Recognition Is Linked to the Galaxy S10 5G

For facial recognition technology, smartphones typically require additional sensors. However, the leaked Galaxy S11 Plus images implied that the phone will not be having any such modules as it will apparently have only one punch hole that will be smaller than the one seen on its predecessor. It turns out that this might not be the case, as the Galaxy S11 Plus front camera will apparently have an embedded Time Of Flight (ToF) sensor. This will likely make 3D facial recognition possible on the phone without the need of an additional cutout or a notch full of sensors.

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The customized Galaxy S11 Plus front camera with an integrated ToF module will expectedly come from Sony. The report goes on to say that the system will be as good as the one seen on the iPhone 11 series’ Face ID but we’ll for further testing to give the final verdict. As to why Samsung is exploring a newer security solution has more to do with the whole in-display fingerprint reader fiasco that happened with the Galaxy S10 series.

Previously, it was reported that the Galaxy S10 5G Android 10 beta mentions ToF sensor-based facial recognition technology, raising speculations that the Galaxy S11 Plus will have the feature too. Along with that, the phone will likely sport Qualcomm’s new in-display fingerprint reader, which means users will have various options to unlock the device, and in a secure manner.

Samsung will supposedly unveil the Galaxy S10 successor as well as its next foldable phone on February 18. It is only then that we can expect to find out more about the Galaxy S11 Plus front camera and the implementation of the 3D facial recognition system, so stay tuned for more in the future.

News Source: CnBeta

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