Samsung Rumored to Pull off Potentially Unpopular Move – Omitting 120Hz Displays From Its Galaxy S20 Family

Samsung Galaxy S20 120Hz refresh rate removal

We are about a month away from the unveiling of Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series and sadly one of the most exciting rumors about it has started to fizzle out. Basically, a media outlet citing highly reliable sources had previously backed up reports that the Galaxy S20 will sport a 120Hz display. However, well-known tipster Ice Universe has now thrown water on that rumor.

Samsung’s Rumored Decision Could End up Being a Grave One, as Other Brands Are Focusing Are Higher Refresh Rate Displays

The tipster has hinted that the South Korean giant has canceled the 2K 120Hz feature belonging to the Galaxy S20. Previously, the same tipster had said that all three Galaxy S20 models will have displays with a 120Hz refresh rate. Additionally, a secret menu in the One UI Beta had also revealed an option to change the refresh rate from 60Hz to 120Hz. Since current Samsung flagships only support 60Hz, the hidden menu raised speculations that the upcoming Galaxy S20 will have a 120Hz screen.

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Last year, we saw Google’s and OnePlus’ smartphones ship with those fluid 90Hz screens and thus you would expect the Korean giant to be at the same level as the competition at least. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case either as Ice Universe implies that the Galaxy S20 will have a 60Hz screen. If that indeed is the case, Samsung fans will be sorely disappointed, not just because high refresh rates are trendy right now, but also because it was one of Galaxy S20’s most high-anticipated features, alongside the multi-sensor camera configuration.

It’s worth mentioning that Samsung already sells high refresh rate displays to other vendors, so ideally it shouldn’t be a problem for it to have one on its own flagships. It might have run into other problems though, such as battery drainage issues, as a result, maybe it’s considering disabling the featuring via the software. This means that the phone might actually ship with a 120Hz display, but with the functionality toggled off.

We’d also like to point out that Ice Universe now states that he’s waiting for the latest updates. Thus, it’s entirely possible that this is just a classic case of miscommunication and the Galaxy S20 series will actually come with a 120Hz screen. Fingers crossed for that.

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News Source: Twitter (Ice Universe)

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