Galaxy S11’s Latest Display Panel Leak Has a Much Thinner Chin Bezel & Centered Front Camera Like the Note 10

Galaxy S11 Display Panel Leak Shows Thinner Chin Bezel, Note 10-Like Front Camera

As we continue on with our coverage, the Galaxy S11 leaks have started to appear in a higher frequency, signaling that it might take a few more months before we see them in person. First, we bore witness to the CAD renders showing the unusually large rear camera hump belonging to the flagship, and now a tipster has revealed a couple of images of the top and bottom parts of the Galaxy S11 display. Looks like Samsung is aiming to make this the best Galaxy S series flagship to-date, at least from the front.

Bottom Part of Galaxy S11 Display Shows Noticeable Chin Bezel but It's Much Smaller Compared to Previous-Generation Models

If the images shared by Ice Universe turn out to be the real deal, the Galaxy S11 display panel should appear as a massive improvement if the primary concern is reducing those bezels. The tipster has shared a total of two images via his Twitter handle. The first one shows a chin bezel that is bigger than the remaining three sides, but still thinner in size compared to the previous models launched by Samsung. Whether or not the chin bezel is expected to remain thicker than the remaining three sides deliberately by Samsung is up for debate.

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As for the top part of the Galaxy S11 display, it looks like the Korean manufacturer has attempted to engineer the thinnest possible panel it can without resorting to a waterfall display. Most of you know may not know this, but Samsung is rumored not to employ a waterfall display on any Galaxy S11 member, most likely because it will mean the manufacturer will need to eliminate the physical buttons and replace them with something else, resulting in added production costs, and ultimately, a higher retail price for the customer without any benefits.

There’s also a single front-facing camera cutout placed at the top center of the Galaxy S11 display. The same tipster said that the upcoming Samsung flagship series will tout an unprecedented camera system, but from the looks of it, the individual may have been talking about the rear side instead of the front, seeing as how there’s just a single sensor present there. From both a design and hardware perspective, the upcoming Galaxy S11 range is expected to provide a significant leap over its predecessor, the Galaxy S10 family. However, since Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything, we’ll advise you to treat this leak with a pinch of salt for now.

Hopefully, we’ll get to know everything before Samsung makes its rumored announcements somewhere in February 2020.

News Source: Ice Universe

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