Galaxy S11 Design to Not Feature ‘Waterfall Display’ but It’ll Still Have a Futuristic Look, Claims Tipster


Samsung typically introduces major design changes on the Galaxy S series handsets every two years, but this time around it’s expected to break away from the tradition and present some hefty upgrades on the outside. Unfortunately for Samsung fans who wanted to see the waterfall display on the Korean giant’s upcoming flagship series, a tipster believes it’s not going to be a part of the Galaxy S11 design.

Waterfall Display to Not Be Included in the Galaxy S11 Design Possibly Due to Expensive Production and Lack of Functionality

The tip comes from somewhat trusted insider Ice Universe who says that after careful deliberation, the South Korean giant has decided against a waterfall display on the Galaxy S11. This implies that the company was perhaps thinking about making the display a part of the Galaxy S11 design but then decided against it.

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The apparent decision might disappoint some fans. After all, waterfall displays look quite stunning. To bring you up to speed, a waterfall screen curves around the edges of the phone and gives an all-display feel. On the bright side, Ice Universe claims that the Galaxy S11 will have a narrower bezel than the Note 10, which is great news as the latest Note series smartphone already has pretty slim edges. According to other reports, the size of the punch hole might also decrease, so as a result, we might be treated to a flagship series with a very high screen-to-body ratio.

A waterfall display is present on Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro, but the company had to forego the physical buttons on the side because it ended up getting occupied by a part of that ‘futuristic’ screen. This could be one reason why Samsung may have decided against it; it would prioritize function over form.

According to another report, the Galaxy S11’s display might have a 20:9 aspect ratio, just like some Galaxy A series handsets. The Galaxy S10 5G beta firmware also hints that the phone will have a ToF sensor-based 3D face recognition technology. This means that the phone will probably have at least two pinholes. Other notable upgrades that we might look forward to is a 108MP primary sensor, 5x optical zoom, and 8K video recording 30FPS.

The Galaxy S11 will reportedly be revealed in February, before going on sale in March. Perhaps then, we’ll bear witness to all the slew of changes Samsung has made both on the inside and outside. Do you think a waterfall display being a part of the Galaxy S11 design is a better choice for customers? Let us know down in the comments.

News Source: Ice Universe