Download watchOS 6 GM Without Developer Account Right Now

Download watchOS 6 GM

Yes, you can totally download watchOS 6 GM without developer account on your Apple Watch. Let us walk you through it.

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Right now, watchOS 6 GM is available for developers who are enrolled in Apple’s developer program. Basically, if you have a previous beta of watchOS 6 installed, you’ll be updated to the GM build over the air.

If you are not a developer, then obviously you’re out of luck and have to wait for the final release date to arrive in order to get in on the action. The GM build is essentially the final version of the software that is meant for developers first, subsequently seeded to users with little to no change. But, if you grab hold of the watchOS configuration profile, then you can download the watchOS 6 GM update without actually being a developer.

But, as you might expect, you are doing this on your own risk. Once you upgrade, you can’t downgrade back to watchOS 5 at all. Furthermore, if something does go wrong with the update, then you will be forced to take your Apple Watch to Apple itself for restoration or replacement. Last but not the least, you must have an iPhone at hand running iOS 13 otherwise you won’t be able to install watchOS 6 GM at all. Have we made ourselves clear? Let’s start.

Assuming you have iOS 13 GM running on your iPhone, download this configuration profile onto your iPhone. When asked where you should install the profile, simply select the Apple Watch as target. You might be required to restart your iPhone and Apple Watch. Do so if the need arises.

When you are booted back up, place your Apple Watch on its magnetic charger, connect your iPhone to WiFi and then navigate to Watch > General > Software Update. As soon as you see the watchOS 6 GM update show up, tap on Download and Install. From here onwards, the entire process will take quite some time, so don’t be alarmed at all. Just make sure you do not remove your Apple Watch from its charger. I’ll even go as far as saying that you should leave your iPhone next to the Apple Watch, that too on charge.

When the installation is complete, you’ll hear a ding sound from your Apple Watch after which you can start using it as you normally would. You’re free to explore all the brand new features which Apple has packed in this release.

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Cool, right?

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