Download watchOS 6 Beta 1 for Apple Watch [How to]

download watchOS 6 beta

We will show you how to download watchOS 6 beta 1 for compatible Apple Watch models right now. You must be a registered developer for this.

watchOS 6 is finally here and it is packed with a ton of new features which everyone is going to love. You can read all about what’s new in this new release right here. And also, in case you’re wondering, the new update be available until later this fall, which means that you have plenty of waiting time at hand.

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Today, however, if you are a registered developer with Apple, you can simply go ahead and take the first beta of watchOS 6 for spin. But before you do that, there are a few things you should know. First and foremost, once you download watchOS 6 beta 1 on your Apple Watch, you can’t downgrade back to watchOS 5. This means that you have to download and install all the subsequent betas until you are on the final release track. So yeah, keep that in mind, please.

Secondly, you can only download watchOS 6 beta 1 on your Apple Watch if you have iOS 13 beta 1 installed on your iPhone. If you don’t install the new software, then you can’t try out watchOS 6 beta.

Last but not the least, we highly recommend that you go ahead and install watchOS 6 beta on a spare Apple Watch. It’s best to avoid putting your daily driver in the cross-fire because it’s pretty obvious at this point that you are going to run into a number of performance related issues that are going to prove worrisome down the line. If you are still up for that, then the download guide starts right after this sentence.

Note: Make sure you are connected to a stable WiFi network before you proceed. It’s best to try this when you are at home. Also, make sure that your Apple Watch is connected to a power outlet and remains connected during the entire download and installation process.

  • Make sure you have an Apple Developer Program account. If you don’t, then please sign up here for it.
  • Assuming you have iOS 13 beta installed on your iPhone, move forward.
  • Sign in to the Apple Developer Program website using your iPhone running iOS 13 beta.
  • Now tap on Downloads.
  • Scroll down a little and you’ll see a section called Featured Downloads.
  • There’s a Download button right next to the available watchOS 6 beta update. Tap on it.
  • Install the profile onto your iPhone and restart the device if necessary.
  • Once booted back up, launch the Watch app then navigate to General > Software Update.
  • You can download watchOS 6 beta 1 from here by tapping on the Download and Install button.
  • Since this is a brand new operating system you are installing on your Apple Watch, therefore it will take some time.

As soon as the installation is complete, you’ll hear the legendary ding sound from your Apple Watch, after which you can take watchOS 6 beta 1 for a spin. But keep one thing in mind: right after the installation process, leave the Apple Watch on its charger for at least an hour so that things can ‘settle down’ properly. The Apple Watch will feel very slow while it is indexing the brand new OS, therefore some breathing room is highly recommended at this point.

Congratulations, you just downloaded watchOS 6 beta 1 onto your Apple Watch. Let us know in the comments section below what you think about the latest update. Are the new features exactly what you pictured them to be? Or is it a complete disappointment?

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